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(Greek phyton plant + lat. to kill with caedere) — the medicines containing phytoncides; have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, render the immunostimulating effect, stimulate processes of regeneration and healing, positively influence secretory activity went. - kish. path.

To applied in domestic medical practice F. the item received from the higher plants belong it is scarlet-lilchep, tincture of garlic, Novoimaninum, sangviritrin, usninat sodium and hlorofillipt.

And l of l and l of the p e p (Allilcepum) — spirit onion extract. Apply as the means increasing activity of smooth muscles went. - kish. the path regulating its secretory activity and lipidic exchange. Appoint inside at locks the adult 15 — 30 drops 3 times a day.

Tincture of garlic (Tinctura Allii sativi) is applied to suppression of processes of rotting and fermentation in intestines, at candidiasis, some diseases went. - kish. a path, and also for treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis and an idiopathic hypertensia. Appoint inside the adult 10 — 15 drops 2 — 3 times a day. Is issued in bottles on 50 ml.

Nova of m and N and the N (Novoimani-num) contains phytoncidal substances of a grass of the St. John's Wort which is made a hole. The hl possesses antibacterial action. obr. on gram-positive bacteria, including on staphylococcus, steady against penicillin, stimulates processes of an angenesis. Apply outwardly in the form of 0,01 — 0,1% of the solutions received by cultivation of 1% of spirit solution by a sterile distilled water, isotonic solution of sodium of chloride, 10% solution of glucose or 0,25% solution of anaesthesin to treatment of fresh and contaminated wounds, burns, ulcers, abscesses, phlegmons, a pyoderma, mastitis, and also at a furunculosis, acute rhinitises, pharyngitises, laryngitis, antritises, etc. Is issued in bottles on 10 ml of 1% of spirit solution.

Sanguirit-rinum — bisulphates of the alkaloids of a sangvinarin and heletrin which are contained in plants makleya heart-shaped and makleya microcarpous, this. poppy. Has antimicrobic activity concerning gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Affects yeast-like fungi and trichomonads. Has also anti-cholinesterases-nymi properties. Use for the treatment of damages of skin and mucous membranes caused by yeast-like fungi and the mixed flora, and also at it is long not healing infected ulcers and wounds. Apply outwardly in the form of 1% of linimentum, applying to 1 — 2 time a day on the centers of defeat or in 1 — 2 day during the bandagings. At otitis, a paradontosis apply 0,2% spirit or 1% water solutions to washings, wetting of tampons. As antikho-linesterazny means is appointed at myopathies, effects of poliomyelitis the adult on 0,005 — 0,01 g in 2 times a day. Drug is contraindicated at epilepsy, hyperkinesias, bronchial asthma, stenocardia, diseases of a liver and kidneys. Forms of release: 1% linimentum in tubas on 10 g or in banks of orange glass on 20 g; in bottles on 10 ml of 1% of water and 0,2% of spirit solution; in tablets on 0,005 g

of Usninat of sodium (N atrii iisninas) — sodium salt usiino-howl to - you, Ramalina reticulata allocated from nek-ry types of lichens, etc. Possesses antimicrobic; (it is preferential concerning gram-positive bacteria) action. Appoint in the form of 1% of aqueous-alcoholic or 0,5% of solution in castor oil with addition 2% of anaesthesin, 0,3% or 0,5% of solution in fir balm for outside treatment of contaminated wounds, burns, inflammatory damages of skin, at a furunculosis, a pyoderma, mastitis. Forms of release: bottles on 25 and 50 ml containing 1% spirit solution; 0,5% solution in castor oil with addition of 2% of anaesthesin or 0,3% and 0,5% solutions in fir balm.

Chloro-phylliptum — mix of chlorophyllous substances from leaves of an eucalyptus sharikovidny. Has antimicrobic activity. Apply locally in the form of 1% of spirit solution from 0,25% solution of novocaine in cultivation 1:5 to treatment of burns, trophic ulcers. Spirit solution (1%) or oil solution (2%) use for treatment of erosion of mucous membranes. Inside on 5 ml of 1% of the spirit solution divorced in 30 ml of water in 40 min. prior to food and in enemas (20 ml of 1% of spirit solution in 1 l of water) appoint at a staphylococcal bacteriocarrier. Intravenously (2 ml of 0,25% of the spirit solution divorced in 38 ml of sterile isotonic solution of sodium of chloride) enter slowly 4 times a day within 4 — 5 days at septic states, pneumonia, peritonitises. Forms of release: the ampoules containing 2 ml of 0,25% of spirit solution: 1% spirit solution in bottles on 100 ml; 2% oil solution in bottles on 20 ml.

Phytoncidal properties also juice and grated fruits of food plants (apples, raspberry, a cranberry, a wild strawberry have, etc.), to-rye widely use in to lay down. food.

See also Phytoncides.

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