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FITYN (Phytinum) — the medicine influencing on fabric exchange. The complex organic drug of phosphorus consisting of mix of calcic and magnesian salts other zittrifosfornykh to - t, hl. obr. other zitgeksafosfornoy (phytin) to - you. Receive F. from the fat-free hempy, sunflower and other cakes, rice bran; razrabo-

thanes flow diagrams of receiving F. from cotton meal.

Inodorous white amorphous powder; it is almost water-insoluble, we will dissolve in normal solution hydrochloric to - you (1:10). According to GFH phytin shall contain not less than 39% of phosphoric anhydride.

Like other drugs of phosphorus, T. stimulates a hemopoiesis,

exerts beneficial effect on functions of c. N of page at the states caused by a lack of phosphorus of an organism. In an experiment F. prevents development of symptoms of intoxication at subacute lead poisoning probably due to acceleration of its removal from an organism.

Apply F. at various diseases of a nervous system, hypotension, the general decline of food, diathesis, anemia, etc.

Appoint inside the adult 0,25 — 0,5 g to reception 3 times a day during 6 — 8 weeks; to children about one year — on 0,05 — 0,1 g; up to 2 years — 0,1 g; 3 — 4 years — 0,15 g; 5 — 6 years — 0,2 g; 7 — 9 years — 0,25 g; 10 — 14 years — 0,25 — 0,3 g on reception 2 — 3 times a day.

Form of release: powder, tablets on 0,25 g. Storage: in well corked container in the dry place.

T. is a part of a number of the combined tablets, napr, the tablets «Hefaephytinum» and «Fitoferrolaktol».

See also Phosphorus, drugs of phosphorus. N. V. Korobov.