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FIZI OTERAPEVTYCHESKAYA HOSPITAL — the specialized treatment and prevention facility intended for delivery of health care by use of the natural and artificially created physical factors.

Hospitalization in F. hl are subject. obr. the patients with chronic diseases needing complex treatment by physical methods a cut difficult or it is impossible to carry out in out-patient conditions. In recent years F. are used also for performing recovery treatment after operative measures. Selection of patients for hospitalization is made in departments of the advisory help at F.

In tasks F. also rendering to healthcare institutions the methodical and the advisory help with questions of physical therapy and balneology, implementation enters practice of health care of modern physical methods of prevention and treatment of patients, studying of efficiency of the applied methods of physical therapy. T. are bases for increase in professional qualification of doctors and paramedical staff.

States F. are approved according to the regular standards accepted for to lay down. - the prof. of institutions. Doctors and average medics are allowed to work in F. after passing of specialization in physical therapy.

See also Balneolechebnitsa, the Balneary, Mud baths, the Physiotherapeutic office, Physical therapy.

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