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Award of Glory — the distinction which is the highest award of ordinary and non-commissioned officer's structure of the Soviet Army (in aircraft, besides, second lieutenants) for the feats shown in fights for the Homeland, including for rendered with risk for life, under fire of the opponent, the help to wounded during a number of fights.

The award of Glory is founded by the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR of November 8, 1943.

According to the Statute, the award of Glory has three degrees (I, II, III), rewarding is made consistently, since Slava III's award of degree.

For years of the Great Patriotic War of Slava of all three degrees it is awarded the order apprx. 2,5 thousand people. Among them there are 18 medics: hospital attendants and sanitary instructors Gabriel Fedorovich Alekseenko (1912 — 1971), Vasily Petrovich Gaponov (sort. in 1925), Alexander Tikhonovich Golubev (a sort. in 1908), Pyotr Nikolaevich Granatyuk (a sort. in 1922), Pyotr Ivanovich Guryanov (a sort. in 1912), Pyotr Samoylovich Lyakhovsky (1904 — 1955), Arkady Ivanovich Makurin (a sort. in 1919), Matrona Semenovna Nechiporchukova-Nozdracheva (a sort. in 1924), Andrey Alekseevich Punenko (a sort. in 1918), Vasily Ivanovich Rimsky (a sort. in 1914), Ivan Pavlovich Savchenko (1925 — 1973), Stepan Kuzmich Skiba (1904 — 1975), Vasily Zakharovich Solovyov (a sort. in 1909), Spiridon Dmitriyevich Solomos (a sort. in 1919), Sergey Trifonovich Sotnikov (a sort. in 1920), Egor Karpovich Titov (1898 — 1945), Vasily Tikhonovich Chernov (a sort. in 1908), Pyotr Andreevich Shershnev (1916 — 1966).

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V. P. Gritskevich.