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PHTHORAFURUM (Phthorafurum; synonym: Tegafurum, Futrafur, Lifrie; joint venture. A) — antineoplastic means from group of ftorproizvodny antimetabolites of the pirimidinovy bases. N '-(2-furanidil-5-ftoruratsil):

White powder, a little water soluble. In the course of metabolism F. it is released ftoruratsit (see), to-ry and is the main active component providing antineoplastic effect of drug. T. call depot form fluorine-uracil. Release of a ftorura-tsil happens gradually during 12 hours in the small portions owing to what toxic action of Phthorafurum is expressed much less in comparison with drug ftoruratsily.

T. as well as ftoruratsit, use in a combination with derivatives of a nitrozomochevina (see. Antineoplastic means), and also radiation therapy (see). At the same time daily dose F. reduce up to 20 mg/kg.

T. it is close to a ftoruratsil on a range of antineoplastic action, it is applied to cancer therapy of a stomach, colonic and direct guts, a mammary gland, ovaries and has approximately the same antineoplastic activity. Unlike a ftoruratsil F. gets through a blood-brain barrier.


F. enter intravenously daily in two steps on 15 mg/kg at an interval of 12 hours (a daily dose of 30 mg/kg). The total dose on a course of treatment makes 30 — 40 g. Courses of treatment are repeated in 4 — 6 weeks. At the time of administration of drug dizziness is possible, a cut is not a reason for the termination of treatment. Nausea, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, stomatitis can be observed. Дейст-^ the Viy on a hemogenesis Introduction of a total dose F is poorly expressed/. usually passes without complications demanding the termination of a course of treatment.

Contraindications to use are the cachexia, reduction of number of leukocytes — less than 3 Ltd companies in 1 mkl and thrombocytes — less than 100 000 in 1 mkl blood.

Form of release: the ampoules containing 400 mg of Phthorafurum in 10 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride and the capsule on 0,4 g. Storage: in the place protected from light at t ° not higher than 5 °.

See also Antineoplastic means.

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