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PHOTOPHOBIA (photophobia) — hypersensitivity of an eye to photoirritation. By page it is usually connected with irritation of the terminations of a trifacial put in fabrics of front department of an eye — a conjunctiva, a cornea, an iris, a ciliary body. Thereof S. is characteristic a wedge, a sign various patol. processes of front department of an eye — conjunctivitis (see), damages corneas (see), keratitis (see), iridocyclites (see), etc. Especially sharply S. is expressed at spring Qatar (see), tuberkuleznoallergichesky keratoconjunctivitis, foreign bodys (see) and erosion of a cornea, electroophthalmia (see. Ophthalmia ). The page quite often is followed by morbidity, dacryagogue and nictitating spasm (see).

The page can be connected with irritation of visual and nervous elements of a retina of an eye (retinal S.). Retinal S. can come at irritation of an eye bright light, napr, at a view of the sun or excessively bright artificial lighting. At the same time in some cases the macular zone of a retina is surprised. Retinal S. easily arises at mydriasis (see), aniridiya (see), albinism (see), at full color-blindness — an achromasia (see. Color sight ). Sometimes retinal S. is one of symptoms of nek-ry diseases of a brain, napr, abscess of a frontal lobe.

Treatment is directed to a basic disease. For the purpose of S.'s reduction apply protective points (see) with various types of light filters.

L. T. Arkhipova.