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PHOSPHACOLUM (Phosphacolum; synonym: Chinorto; E — 600; Mintacol, Mioti-sal, Paraoxon; joint venture. A) — anti-sincaline-esteraznoye means. A gift-nitrofe-nilovy ether diethyl phosphoric to - you; C10 H14 06NP:

Transparent oily liquid of yellowish color. It is easily alcohol-soluble, ether, benzene, a rastvorima in water in the ratio 1: 1000. At t ° 20 ° ud. weight 1,274 — 1,280, index of refraction 1,506 — 1,510.

T. is antikholinesterazny means from group of organophosphorous connections (see). Like other connections of this group, it is irreversible inhibits cholinesterase (see). The main effects, to-rye are observed after introduction F., are similar to the effects caused by other antikholinesterazny means (see). However in connection with high toxicity in the medical practician F. use only locally as a miotoc (see). At a vva

of a deniya in a conjunctival sac F. causes the expressed and long miosis. In this respect F. surpasses other miotic substances.

T. apply at glaucoma (see), including at its bad attack, and also at loss of a crystalline lens, a perforation of a cornea and in other cases demanding long narrowing of a pupil.

T. appoint in eye drops in the form of water solutions of the following concentration: 0,02% (1: 5000), 0,013% (1: 7500) and 0,01% (1: 10 000). To children appoint hl. obr. 0,01% solution; 0,013% apply solution to treatment hron. glaucomas at adults (1 — 2 drop of 1 — 2 time a day), and also at loss of a crystalline lens, a perforation of a cornea, etc.; 0,02% apply solution at bad attacks of glaucoma.

At treatment of glaucoma F. it is possible to alternate to other miotocs.

T., as a rule, it is well transferred. Purpose of drug can sometimes be followed by the nek-ry by-effects (twitching a century, a hyperemia of a mucous membrane of eyes, eye pains) passing independently.

At accidental reception F. inside perhaps acute poisoning, a wedge, a picture to-rogo to lay down. tactics and the forecast same, as at poisoning with other antikholinesterazny means (see).

Form of release: bottles on 10 ml of 0,02%; 0,013% and 0,01% of solution.

Storage: in the cool, protected from light place. Period of validity of solutions 1 YEAR. B. Yu. Lemina.