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PHEPRANONUM (Phepranonum; synonym: Abulemin, Amphepramone, Tepanil, etc.; joint venture. A) — anorexigenic means. 1-Fen of l - 2-dithese la a mino-1-pro-panona hydrochloride; C13H19NO-HC1:

Crystal powder of bitter taste, white or white with slightly creamy shade. Let's easily dissolve in water and alcohol.

On a chemical structure it is close to Phenaminum (see), but differs from it in rather weak stimulating influence on c. N page and peripheral adrenergic systems. At the same time, like Phenaminum, T. causes reduction of appetite, i.e. possesses anorexigenic action. Mechanism of anorexigenic action F. and other anorexigenic means, close to Phenaminum, napr, Desopimonum (see), connect with the fact that these drugs influence kernels of a hypothalamus (see) — ventromedialny and lateral, regulating feeling of hunger and saturation. It is supposed that such drugs oppress the so-called centers of hunger and excite the centers of saturation.

T. apply in complex therapy of obesity (hl. obr. alimentary). Less often it use at to about not ti that c of an ion flax, and d SP about z ogen -

that flax, a dientsefa flax and other types of obesity. Drug is used in combination with other methods of treatment (dietotherapy, to lay down. gymnastics, etc.).

Appoint inside 0,025 g 2 — 3 times a day in 30 — 60 min. prior to food.

If necessary the dose is increased to 0,1 g a day. Treatment is carried out by courses on 1g/2 — 21! 2 months from three monthly breaks between separate courses.

For side effect F. irritability, sleeplessness, dryness in a mouth, locks (sometimes diarrhea), nausea are characteristic.

F is contraindicated. at pregnancy, an idiopathic hypertensia of PB — the III stage, disturbances of cerebral and coronary circulation, a thyrotoxicosis, glaucoma, tumors of a hypophysis and adrenal glands, epilepsy and psychoses, a diabetes mellitus. T. it is not necessary to appoint to the persons accepting Nialamidum (see) and other MAO inhibitors (see Monoamine oxidase). In order to avoid sleep disorders it is not recommended to accept F. in the second half of day.

Form of release: a dragee on 0,025 g. Storage: in the dry, protected

from light place.

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V. K. Muratov.