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PHENOLPHTHALEIN as drug (Phenolphthaleinum; synonym: Laxatol, Laxogen, Laxoin, Laxol, Phenaloin, Purgophen, Purgul, Tri-lax, etc.; GFH) — a purgative, and, a-Di-(4 oxyphenyl) - phthalide; C20H40O4:

White or inodorous weak-yellowish fine-crystalline powder and taste, we will dissolve in water very little, it is alcohol-soluble (1: 12). Irritating interoretseptor of intestines, T. reflex strengthens a peristaltics (preferential large intestine) and accelerates movement of fecal masses. Besides, F. slows down absorption of electrolytes and water owing to inhibition of Na+-, K+ - dependent ATP-ase of a mucous membrane of intestines. Aperient action F. develops in

6 — 8 hours after administration of drug, usually without the phenomena of intestinal discomfort.

At intake in alkaline condition of intestines in the presence of bile acids F. it is dissolved. Apprx. 15% of phenolphthalein it is soaked up in blood, and apprx. 85% it is allocated with a stake. A part soaked up F. it is removed with urine (painting it in red color at alkali reaction of the environment). Partially F. gets with bile into intestines where again it is soaked up and undergoes so-called enterohepatic circulation. In this regard laxative action F. 3 — 4 days proceed.

Apply at hron. locks.

Appoint inside the adult 0,1 — 0,2 g to reception (to 0,3 g a day); to children at the age of 3 — 4 years — on 0,05 g; 5 — 6 years — but 0,1 g; 7 — 9 years — on 0,15 g; 10 — 14 years — on 0,15 — 0,2 g. To children up to 3 years F. do not appoint.

T. it is not necessary to appoint long in connection with its cumulative properties and irritant action on kidneys. Sometimes it causes allergic reactions. At reception F. there can also be intestines pains, heartbeat, disturbances of breath, a collapse.

Form of release: tablets on 0,1 and and 0,05 g. Tablets F. release Purgenum (Purgenum) under the name. Storage: in well corked


See also Purgatives. A.S. Saratikov.