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FENOBOLYN (Phenobolinum; vulture.: Anticatabolin, Durabol, Durabolin, Nandrolon, Nandrolonphenylpropio-nat, Nandrolon um phenylpropio-nicum, Nerobolil, Norandrolon-phe-nylpropionat, Norbalin, Norstenol, Nortes tosteron-phenylpropionat, Nor-TPP, Superanabolon, etc.; SI. B) — the synthetic analog of testosterone, concerns to group of anabolic steroids.

T. is active anabolic drug lasting action of 7 — 15 days (after a single injection). On androgenic action F. twice more weakly, and on anabolic — is 2 — 5 times more active than testosterone (see). Zhiromobilizuyushchy activity F. it is less, than at quickly soaking up drugs of the anabolic steroids used orally and sublingual (see. Anabolic steroids).

Phenobolinum represents 17 | 3-oks - 19 holes-4 - Androstenum-3 - it-17 (3-fenilpropionat, or fenilpro-shyunat a 19-nortestosterona: from phenyl-propionate of testosterone F. differs in absence of methyl group at the 19th carbon atom.

Drug has an appearance of white crystal powder with a cream shade, we will dissolve in oils, is difficult alcohol-soluble, water-insoluble.

Indications to use F. the same, as for other anabolic steroids: disturbances of protein

metabolism at an adynamy, a cachexia of various genesis (after severe injuries, operations, burns, inf. diseases and other states which are followed by loss of protein). Drug is most shown when strong and long anabolic or anticatabolic action is required. Because F. it is characterized by a favorable ratio of androgenic and anabolic properties and duration of action, it is recommended to be used in pediatric practice. T. apply at various forms of exhaustion, interstitial and pituitary insufficiency, an addisonovy disease, a diffusion toxic craw, diabetic angiopatiya and a retinopathy, growth disorder at children, osteoporosis, it is long not healing fractures of bones, trophic ulcers, decubituses. in the preoperative and postoperative periods, at a breast cancer, etc.

F. enter intramusculary in oil solution. Adult F. appoint on 25 — 50 mg of 1 times in 7 — 15 days, to children — at the rate of 1 — 1,5 mg/kg a month (the monthly dose is divided into 2 — 3 equal parts and administer the drug of 1 times in 10 or 15 days). Duration of a course of treatment is 4 — 8 weeks. Repeated courses (according to indications) are appointed after a monthly break. Children with a growth inhibition are treated it is long (1 — 2 years).

Drug is transferred well. By-effects in the form of an androgeni-zation note extremely seldom, usually at overdose or at individually iovyshenny sensitivity to androgens.

T. malotoksichen. Toxic action on a liver is not revealed. Incompatibility F. with other pharmaceuticals it is not established.

F is contraindicated. at tumors of a prostate.

Form of release: ampoules on 1 ml of 1% and 2,5% of oil solution (10 and

25 mg respectively). Store in the place protected from light.

Bibliography: See bibliogr. to St. Retabolil.

N. A. Zarubina.