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PHENAZEPAMUM (Phenazepamum; joint venture. B) — tranquilizing means.

7-bromine-5 (au chlorine) фенил-1,2-дигидро-ЗН-1,4-бенздиазепин-2-он:

Crystal powder, white or white with a creamy shade. It is almost water-insoluble, we will dissolve in 95% alcohol a little.

On a chemical structure and pharmakol. to properties has looking alike diazepam (see), but surpasses it in activity several times. In experiments on animals F. reduces a physical activity, weakens orientation responses and external inhibition of conditioned reflexes. T. possesses anticonvulsant action and shows antagonism in relation to Corazolum and strychnine. Exponentiates effects of hypnagogues and narcotic analgetics. Having the calming effect, it facilitates approach fiziol. dream. In small doses F. can exert the stimulating impact on nek-ry manifestations of nervous activity, napr, on a physical activity, summation of impulses in c. N of page. Mechanism of neurotropic action F. generally comes down to strengthening of brake effects at-aminomaslyanoi to - you in a cerebral cortex.

According to a wedge, to observations F. causes the expressed tranquilizing effect: weakens emotional pressure, irritability, neurotic fear, and also vegetative dysfunctions.

Apply at the neurosises and neurosis-like states which are followed by alarm, fear, an acrimony, emotional lability, vegetative dysfunctions at hay - hundred-hypochiondrial frustration and persuasive states. As a hypnagogue (see) F. apply at various sleep disorders, sleeplessness. As an anticonvulsant (see) T. appoint at temporal epilepsy, rigidity of skeletal muscles, athetoses, hyperkinesias and tics. In anesteziol. practician F. use for preoperative medicamentous training of patients. Besides, F. apply to stopping of alcoholic abstinence at patients hron. alcoholism.

Appoint inside in the conditions of out-patient treatment the adult 0,00025 — 0,0005 g 2 — 3 times a day. At treatment in a hospital the daily dose can be increased to 0,005 g. At sleep disorders on 0,00025 — 0,0025 g for the night. The maximum daily dose shall not exceed 0,01 g

F., as a rule, it is well transferred. Side effect at it is expressed poorly. In high doses causes muscle relaxation of the central origin, an ataxy, dizziness, drowsiness. Does not exert the expressed impact on cardiovascular system and the autonomic nervous system. Prolonged use F. can cause mental dependence in nek-ry persons (see. Medicinal dependence). After the termination of administration of drug there can be a withdrawal, to-ry is stopped by diazepam and other benzodiazepine tranquilizers.

It is contraindicated at a heavy myasthenia, the expressed abnormal liver functions and kidneys. T. it is not necessary to appoint to persons, activity to-rykh demands bystry and exact motor reactions.

Form of release: tablets on

0,0005; 0,0025 and 0,001 g. Storage: in usual conditions.

See also Tranquilizers. Bibliography: Phenazepamum, under the editorship of. A. V. Bo-gatsky, Kiev, 1982. V. V. Zakusov.