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PHENASAL (Phenasalum; synonym: Cesto-cid, Niclosamidum, Teniarene, Ver-mitin, Yomesan, etc.; joint venture. B) — helminthicide. 5,2-Dikhlor-4-nitrosalitsilanilid; C13H8CI2N204:

Powder of pale yellow or inodorous light gray color and taste. Dissolved a little! in water and alcohol.

Causes damage of a cuticle of tape helminths and reduces their resistance to effect of proteolytic enzymes went. - kish. a path that leads to death of helminths.

Apply to treatment of a diphyllobotriasis (see), a teniarinkhoza (see) and a hymenolepiasis (see). At a teniosis F. it is contraindicated in connection with danger of development of cysticercosis. T. apply as independently, and in a combination with other helminthicides, napr, Aminoacrichinum, extract of a men's fern, etc.

At a teniarinkhoza also difit to a lobot-rioza F. appoint the adult in a dose 2 g in 3 — 4 hours after an easy dinner. Before the patient is within a day on an easy diet. Before reception F. the patient is given in 2 g of hydrosodium carbonate, to-ry before the use dissolve in V3 of a glass of water. To children F. appoint in the following doses: aged up to 3 years — 0,5 I; 3 — 5 years — 1 g; — 9 years — 1.5 g; 9 years — 2 g are more senior.

At the combined use with Aminoacrichinum F. appoint to night in the same dose, and in the morning instead of F. give Aminoacrichinum to adults in a dose of 0,6 g; to children from 3 to 6 years — 0,15 — 0,2 g; from 6 to 9 years — 0,3 g; from 9 to 15 years — 0,4 — 0,5 g; in 15 years is also more senior — 0,6 g. To children up to 3 years Aminoacrichinum is not appointed. At use F. with extract of a men's fern use the following scheme of treatment. T. appoint to night in the doses stated above, and give extract of a men's fern in the following doses in the morning: adult — 4 g; to children from 3 to 6 years — 1 — 1,5 g; from 6 to 9 years — 2 g; from 9 to 15 years — 2,5 g; in 15 years is also more senior — 3 g.

In 1 hour after reception of Aminoacrichinum or extract of a men's fern appoint salt laxative.

At a hymenolepiasis F. appoint three courses, duration but 7 days everyone with week breaks between separate courses. In a month conduct a protivore-tsidivny seven-day course. In the first day of each course of treatment F. appoint in the doses stated above, and then regardless of age 0,5 g during the remained 6 days.

T. it is well transferred. Side effects (nausea, vomiting) arise usually at the combined use F. with other drugs.

Form of release: powder. Storage: in the dry place.

See also Helminthicides.

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