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PHARYNGOMYCOSIS (Greek pharynx, pharyngos of a drink + mycosis [y \) — a kind of the mycosis proceeding with preferential damage of a throat.

T. in most cases cause yeast-like fungi of the sort Candida (see Candidiasis), at the same time most often the disease is caused by types of Candida albicans and Candida stellato-idea, then Candida parapsilosis and Candida brumptii (see Fungi parasitic). Much more rare reason F. mold fungi — Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus glaucus (see Aspergillus), Peni-cillium citreoroseum, Penicillium and Geotrichum are (see. Mold mycoses). To development F. prolonged treatment by antibiotics, corticosteroids and cytostatics, a serious general illness and states (a diabetes mellitus, tumors, tuberculosis, hypovitaminoses), injuries and hron promote. inflammatory processes of a throat (tonsillitis, pharyngitis).

The course of a disease can be acute and chronic. Weight a wedge, pictures considerably depends on a condition of reactivity of an organism. Process is localized by hl. obr. on palatine tonsils from where it, as a rule, extends on palatal handles, a soft palate, a back wall of a throat.

At candidosis F. patients complain of feeling of a scratching and burning in a throat, on feeling of existence in it of a foreign body. The indisposition, weakness, an unsharp headache, subfebrile body temperature is noted. At a faringoskopiya (see) on moderately hyperemic mucous membrane of almonds, and sometimes also on palatal handles, language, a back wall of a throat whitish plaques of various form and size are found. On thickness plaques are various — from thin, slightly noticeable, to thick and dense; by the form they can be curdled, kroshkovaty or porous. Plaques can migrate. They easily act, baring intensively hyperemic sites of a mucous membrane, is more rare — the superficial slightly bleeding ulcerations, is even more rare — deeper ulcers. At candidosis process in a drink also defeat of corners of a mouth (a so-called perleche) or a red border of lips — heymiya can be observed (see). The wavy course of a disease with periodic aggravations is characteristic.

The wedge, a picture of the pharyngomycosis caused by mold fungi differs from candidosis defeats in the basic in character of plaques and expressiveness of local symptoms. Process at the same time more often happens unilateral or is localized on a back wall of a throat. Mucous membrane of an erozirovan, plaques yellow-white, hardly dischargeable. The pain syndrome is expressed stronger, than at candidosis defeat, often pains irradiate in an ear.

Deeper ulcer and necrotic damages of a throat are characteristic of deep mycoses — histoplasmosis (see), a cryptococcosis (see), a sporotrichosis (see).

At the complicated current F. distribution of process on a gullet and a throat, development of peritonsillites and parapharyngeal abscesses of a fungal etiology is possible.

The diagnosis is made on the basis a wedge, by pictures of a disease, results bacterial. and mycologic researches of plaques and allocations from a mucous membrane of a throat. In some cases it can be shown gistol. a research of a mucous membrane of a throat (see the Biopsy). Differential diagnosis needs to be carried out with diphtheria of a throat (see Diphtheria), and at cankers — with a tumor, tuberculosis (see Tuberculosis extra pulmonary), Wegener's granulomatosis (see Wegener a granulomatosis).

Appointed for treatment F. shall chew or suck tablets of nystatin of the patient, without allowing a proglatyvaniye; at insufficient efficiency of nystatin use levorinum, Dekaminum. Sodium salt of levorinum is applied to rinsing (20 OOO ED in 1 ml of a distilled water) also by washings of lacunas (crypts) of almonds (20 OOO ED in 5 ml of a distilled water). Besides, the centers of defeat grease 1% with water solution gentsianovy violet (see the Methylrosanilinum chloride), 10% solution of borax in glycerin, solution of Lugol (see Lugol solution).

Forecast, as a rule, favorable. A recurrence of process is observed approximately in 20 — 22% of cases.

See also Mycoses.

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JI. B. Daynyak.