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FARINGYT (Greek pharynx of a drink + - itis) — an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a throat.

Distinguish acute and chronic F. In some cases, when it is possible to establish preferential damage of a mucous membrane of this or that part of a throat (see), allocate a nasopharyngitis, i.e. an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a nasal part of a throat — nasopharynxes, and a mesopharyngitis — the most widespread version F., at a cut the mucous membrane of an oral part of a throat, well foreseeable through a pharynx is surprised.

Acute pharyngitis can be an independent disease, and also develop at acute respiratory diseases of respiratory tracts (see. Respiratory viral diseases). To development acute F. reception of hot and cold food (drink), inhalation of a cold air, and also the air containing harmful impurity or production dust can promote. When acute F. happens one of displays of flu, it develops under the influence of the same reasons, as a basic disease. On ha -

to a rakter of inflammatory process distinguish catarral and purulent acute F.

At acute F. the patient at first complains of feeling of sharp dryness, heat in a drink, pain at a proglatyvaniye of food and saliva. Further owing to the raised department of slime increase and sharp morbidity of deglutitory movements are noted. The general state at acute catarral F. it is broken a little, body temperature, as a rule, does not increase. At acute purulent F., and also when F. proceeds together with flu, the general condition of patients is broken. At a faringoskopiya (see) sharply hyperemic mucous membrane of a back wall of a throat, palatal handles, a soft palate is visible (tsvetn. tab., Art. 208, fig. 5); on a surface edematous (it is especially sharp at purulent F.) hyperemic mucous membrane it is possible to see accumulations of slime.

Diagnosis acute F. is based on a wedge, yielded and results of a faringoskopiya. Acute F. quite often it is necessary to differentiate with catarral quinsy (see), at a cut the main changes are localized in palatine tonsils.

Treatment acute F. consists in purpose of the sparing diet (warm, soft, unirritating food), rinsings by the warm alkaline solutions promoting clarification of a mucous membrane and its warming. Rinsings of a throat carry out also by broths of various officinal herbs (a camomile, a sage) which are taking off or reducing painful effects.

The forecast at timely treatment acute F. favorable. At overdue treatment the disease can pass in hron. form.

Chronic pharyngitis can be both an independent disease, and one of manifestations hron. diseases went. - kish. path, disbolism, influence of profvrednos-Tay, alcohol abuse and smoking, etc.

Klin, manifestations chronic F. are very various. At all forms chronic F. patients have a feeling of dryness, existence of a foreign body in a drink, persistent moderate pain in this area. Depending on the changes of a mucous membrane of a back wall of a throat revealed at a faringoskopiya, chronic F. subdivide on hypertrophic, atrophic and catarral. Hypertrophic F. it is characterized by the expressed thickening of a mucous membrane in the field of palatal handles and a back wall of a throat (tsvetn. tab., Art. 208, fig. 6). Versions hypertrophic F. are chronic granulosa and chronic side F. At chronic granulosa F. on a mucosal surface of a cover of a back wall of a throat hillocks (granules) of bright red color of a spherical or oval shape with a smooth surface formed by a giperplazirovanny adenoid tissue come to light (tsvetn. tab., Art. 208, fig. 7). At chronic side F. behind one or more often than both palatopharyngeal handles accumulation of a giperplazirovanny adenoid tissue in the form of bright red rollers is defined (tsvetn. tab., Art. 208, fig. 8). At atrophic F. owing to dystrophic changes of a mucous membrane of a back wall of a throat, an atrophy of glands moistening of a mucous membrane is broken, in this regard there is a feeling of painful dryness in a throat amplifying at a long conversation. At a faringoskopiya the mucous membrane is visible dry, yellowish coloring, edges it seems brilliant, as if varnished, is frequent with dry crusts of the dried-up secret (tsvetn. tab., Art. 208, fig. 9). Peculiar chronic catarral F. it is quite often observed at the smokers and persons abusing alcohol. Patients complain of pain and plentiful accumulation of slime in a throat. The changes of a mucous membrane of a throat revealed at the same time by means of a faringoskopiya (tsvetn. tab., Art. 208, fig. 10), remind a picture acute F.

Diagnosis chronic F. the wedge, manifestations and results of a faringoskopiya is based on characteristic.

Treatment chronic F. demands individual approach and pilot profound general survey of the patient, including and neurologic as quite often complaints to pain in a drink can have a neurogenic origin. When manifestations F. are connected with pathology went. - kish. a path or other bodies and systems, the corresponding complex treatment is necessary. Topical treatment at hypertrophic catarral chronic F. comes down to purpose of astringents (see) in the form of rinsings, greasings, spraying. Apply cauterization (see) granules and side rollers acids, an electrocauter or use a cryosurgical method (see the Cryosurgery). At atrophic F. treatment is directed to reduction of feeling of dryness in a throat, for this purpose apply the means which are stimulating secretion of glands, causing a hyperemia, moderately irritating mucous membrane (the drugs of iodine, glycerin, vitamins stimulating an angenesis). At a hyperesthesia of a throat carry out a novokainova yu blockade (see).

Chronic F. demands prolonged and persistent treatment. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages worsen the forecast.

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