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PHARMACIST (Latin provisor which is in advance caring, making) — the specialist with the finished higher pharmaceutical education.

In Russia the pharmaceutical faculties organized at the beginning of 19 century at the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy and its Moscow department were the first highest state pharmaceutical educational institutions on training of pharmacists. Later at high fur boots provizorsky courses were organized. In the USSR P.'s preparation is carried out in pharmaceutical in-ta and at pharmaceutical faculties of medical higher education institutions (see. Pharmaceutical education, Medical institutes).

P.'s activity consists of organizing, technological and control and analytical functions. It includes the administrative management of institutions of pharmacy chain, the medical equipment, pharmaceutical managements; ensuring modern technology of preparation of drugs for recipes and requirements to lay down. - professional, institutions; issue of drugs; control of quality of drugs according to the State pharmacopeia and standards; carrying out information work about pharmaceuticals. Besides, P. are involved at the enterprises chemical - pharm. the industries, in court. - chemical and toxicological laboratories, research in-ta, higher education institutions and industry institutions of various departments.

For improvement of professional level of pharmacists consecutive specialization and increase in their qualification in disciplines of a pharmaceutical profile is carried out. Certification of P. having length of service not less than 5 years for specialties practices in the USSR: pharmacists organizers, pharmacists-technologists, pharmacists-analysts. Certification of specialists pharmacists is carried out on three qualification categories (to the highest, the first and second) by the special commissions at pharmaceutical managements. Since 1937 in the USSR for P. which are carrying out scientific research on pharmacy and defended dissertations academic degrees of the candidate and doctor of pharmaceutical sciences are approved.

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