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the model of a body of the conditional and standard person or his parts full-scale intended for definition of absorbed doses in bodies and fabrics during the room of sources of ionizing radiation out of - or in the phantom. T. make of substances, dosimetric equivalent to biological fabrics, not changing the dozny field (see).

Use homogeneous and heterogeneous F. Homogeneous F. consist of homogenous tkaneekvivalentny matters (water, paraffin, plastic, etc.) and measurements of dozny fields, drawing up dosimetric tables and cards of the isodoses used for calculation of plans of radiation therapy (see) serve for control of a radiation exit of sources of ionizing radiation. Heterogeneous F. make of the natural or artificial materials reproducing heterogeneous topo-grafo-anatomical structure of a body of the person. These F. apply to definition of absorbed doses in separate bodies and fabrics, to assessment of a correction factor on pulmonary and bone heterogeneity. During the modeling of the unilateral directed radiation by means of F. define doses in points of intersection of a lobby (from a source of ionizing radiation) and back surfaces F. with the central beam of primary bunch of radiation.

See also Dosimetry of ionizing radiation, Doses of ionizing radiation.

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