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PHALANXES (synonym of a solpuga) — arthropods arachnoid Solifugae group.

T. often carry to group of poisonous animals (see), but it is incorrect since they have no poisonous glands. At the same time T. can put bo-

Fig. The female of a phalanx (Galeodes araneoides) who prepared for attack.

leznenny a sting, and at hit in a wound of contagiums are possible complications.

In total is apprx. 600 types F., living in zones with arid and hot climate, in the USSR — more than 50 types which are found in Central Asia, in the Crimea and in the Caucasus.

T. — these are large, up to 10 cm long, arthropod, externally different from spiders longer dismembered body and the powerful blown-up claw-shaped oral appendages — the helitser representing modified extremities (fig). The majority of types are active at night. T. — gluttonous predators, attack all animals, with to-rymi being able to cope (insects, arachnoid, myriapods and even lounge-lizards, baby birds and cubs of rodents). T. can bring benefit, destroying harmful insects.

See also Arachnoid, Arthropod.

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