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PFEJFFER Richard (Pfeiffer Richard Friedrich Johannes, 1858 — 1945) is the German bacteriologist, professor (1891). Studied in Berlin. Since 1879 the medical officer. Since 1889 R. Koch's assistant in Berlin in-those hygiene; since 1891 professor Ying-that infectious diseases; since 1899 the director Ying-that hygiene in Konigsberg, and from 1909 to 1926 — Ying-that hygiene in B to a res-lavla. In 1897 as a part of the German commission on studying of spread of plague was in India, and in 1898 together with R. Koch studied malaria in Italy.

R. Pfeyffer published the St. 100 scientific works devoted to generally various questions of microbiology and a problem of immunity. In 1890 it described the causative agent of an influenza (you. Pfeiffer), to-rogo in 1891 irrespective of R. Pfeyffer also Russian researcher M. I. Afanasyev observed (see. Gemoglobinofilny bacteria ). R. Pfeyffer brought a lot of new in studying of malaria, cholera, plague and some other inf. diseases. It possesses opening of Micrococcus catar-rhalis (1896), you. capsulatum. In 1894 along with V. I. Isaev (bacteriolysis) under the influence of specific immune serum in an organism of a Guinea pig described a phenomenon of a lysis of a cholera vibrio (see. Isaeva-Pfeyffera phenomenon ). Explaining the mechanism of immunity, R. Pfeyffer opposed the phenomenon of a bacteriolysis to phagocytosis; the inaccuracy of such look was proved by I. I. Mechnikov. R. Pfeyffer possesses also researches in the field of the general hygiene.

Pfeyffer was elected by the honorary member International about-va microbiologists, R. Koch's Institute, the member Korolevskogo medical about-va in London, Royal Swedish academy of Sciences; un-that and Ying-that of Ehrlich (Germany) was awarded by a gold medal of Pasteur (1910), medals and awards Heidelberg.

Works: Vorläufige Mitteilungen über die Erreger der Influenza, Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 28, 1892; Die Ätiologie der Influenza, Z. Hyg. Infekt. — Kr., Bd 13, S. 357, 1893; Über die specifische Immunitätsreaction der Typhusbacillen, Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 898, 1894; Über die specifische Bedeutung der Choleraimmunität, Z. Hyg. Infekt. — Kr., Bd 17, S. 355, 1894 (cobm. with Isaev V.); Weitere Untersuchungen über das Wesen der Choleraimmunität und über specifisch baktericide Processe, ibid., Bd 18, S. 1, 1894.

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