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PFAUNDLER Meynkhard (Pfaundler Meinhard, 1872 — 1947) — the German pediatrician, T. Esherikh's pupil.

In 1900 received degree of the doctor of medicine; then worked at department of children's diseases in Graz; since 1906 — professor of department of children's diseases in Munich. Its researches covered various parties of pediatrics: the doctrine about diathesis, children's anthropometry, physiology of newborns. He studied questions of child mortality in Germany. Jointly with A. Schlossmann created the five-volume guide to pediatrics serving as a grant to several generations of children's doctors. Founded school of pediatricians.

Works: Handbuch der Kinderheilkunde, Bd 1 — 5, 1 Aufl., Lpz., 1906 — 1910, 4 Aufl., 1931 (cobm. with Schlossmann A.); Historische Bemerkungen zu Name und Begriff «Dia-these», Z. menschl. Vererb. - u. Konst it. - Lehre, Bd 22, S. 129, 1938.

Bibliography: Peiper A. Chronik der Kinderheilkunde, S. 167 u. a., Lpz., 1955.

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