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PFALER George (Pfahler George Edward, 1874 — 1957) — the American radiologist and the radiologist, professor (1909), one of founders of medical X-ray radiology.

In 1898 left Medicochirurgical college in Philadelphia. Since 1899 studied possibilities of use of x-ray emission in medicine and one of the first began to develop scientific bases of radiation therapy, especially malignant tumors.

J. Pfaler published the St. 300 scientific works devoted to radiodiagnosis and a roentgenotherapy, a problem of the prof. of diseases of radiologists and radiologists and other questions of X-ray radiology. In 1922 the photographic method of definition of action of ionizing radiation on personnel was offered them (on blackening of a x-ray film). It possesses development of a method of radiation of a mammary gland at cancer tangent bunches of X-ray for prevention of beam damage of pulmonary fabric.

J. Pfaler was a chairman American about-in radiologists, radiologists; the honorary member of a row foreign scientific about-in, including. All-Union scientific about-va radiologists and radiologists.

Works: The saturation method in roentgen-therapy, as applied to deep-seated malignant disease, Brit. J. Radiol., v. 31, p. 45, 1926; The object, value and the technique of preoperative and postoperative X-ray treatment in carcinoma of the breast, Surg. Gynec. Obstet., v. 85, p. 35, 1947.

Bibliography: Orndoff B. H. George Edward Pfahler, Radiology, v. 68, p. 590, 1957; Pfahler M. B. The love of a physician, George E. Pfahler, pioneer radiologist, Philadelphia, 1958; Widmann B. P. George E. Pfahler, 1874 — 1957, Amer. J. Roentgenol., v. 77, p. 920, 1957.

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