PETROV Ram Viktorovich

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PETROV Ram Viktorovich (sort. in 1930) — the Soviet immunologist and the immunogeneticist, professor (1968)» the academician of AMH (1978). Member of the CPSU.

PETROV Ram Viktorovich

Ended in 1953. Voronezh medical in-t. In 1961 protected dokt, the thesis on immunology of acute radiation injury. G of 1962 manager. laboratory of immunology and since 1969 the manager. department Ying-that biophysics of M3 of the USSR; at the same time (since 1965) gave in Novosibirsk un-those the USSR's first course of lectures on noninfectious immunology. In 1970 organized an independent course of immunology with an immunogenetics on medical - biol, f-those the 2nd MMI, and in 1974 on its base — the country's first department of immunology.

R. V. Petrov published St. 200 scientific works, including 7 monographs devoted generally to questions of noninfectious immunology and an immunogenetics, problems of radiation disturbance and system recovery of immunity. To them together with employees change of antigenic properties of proteins in the irradiated organism (1956) is revealed; concerning a number of antigens genetic determinancy of force of an immune response (1962) is established, the concept about «concreteness» of an immune response of the individual on influence of various vaccinating drugs is formulated. In 1967 the phenomenon of interaction of lymphocytes with the hemopoietic stem cells as a result of which genetically alien stem cells are inactivated is open for them (together with L. S. Seslavina), and identical change the direction of the differentiation. This opening allowed to understand mechanisms of immunological surveillance in an organism, eliminations of vegetative mutations; it defines the direction of search of ways of treatment of a number of diseases of blood and inborn disturbances of immunity; on its basis methods of selection of immunodepressants and antineoplastic means of lymphotropic action (1970) are developed. The big contribution is made by R. V. Petrov in development of problems regulatory (stimulating and oppressing) roles of marrow in an immune response and increase in an immunogenicity of antigens. On the basis of its researches methods of phenotypical correction of gene control of immunity, ways of increase in an immunogenicity of weak immunologically relevant proteins by their kompleksirovaniye with polyelectrolytes and creations of completely artificial timusnezavisimy antigens (1976) are developed. With the assistance of R. V. Petrov classification of inborn disturbances of system of immunity at the person (1974) is created. The studying of hereditary immunodeficient diseases which is carried out under its management provided development of clinically important diagnostic methods and treatment of these diseases.

R. V. Petrov is the active popular writer of science. His books «Sphinxes of the 20th Century» (1967, 1971) and «Conversations about new immunology» (1976, 1978) are conferred awards at All-Union competitions of popular scientific books and translated to a number of foreign languages.

R. V. Petrov is the member of advisory council of VAK, the problem commission of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences on immunology, presidium All-Union about-va geneticists and selectors (VOGIS), the expert-immunologist from the USSR in scientific UN committee (1971 — 1972), the WHO expert on immunology (since 1976), the member of editorial boards of magazines «Immunologiya», «Ontogenez», «Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii i immunobiologii», the editor of the monthly abstract magazine «Medical genetics. The general and applied immunology» (since 1975), redotdet the deputy editor-in-chief «Immunology» of BME.

R. V. Petrov is the winner of awards of I. I. Mechnikov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1978) and to them. A. A. Bogomoltsa of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1979).

It is awarded the order the October revolution and medals.

Works: Immunology of acute radiation injury, M., 1962; Transplant immunity and radiation chimeras, M., 1965 (sovm, from Zaretskaya Yu. M.); Introduction to noninfectious immunology, Novosibirsk, 1968; Radiation immunology and transplantation, M., 1970 (sovm, from Zaretskaya Yu. M.); Immunology and immunogenetics, M., 1976; Control and regulation of an immune response, JI., 1981 (sovm, with other).

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