PETROV Fedor Nikolaevich

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PETROV Fedor Nikolaevich (1876-1973) — the Soviet doctor, the historian, the participant of revolutionary movement since 1894 (the member of the CPSU since 1896), one of organizers of the Soviet health care and encyclopedic matter in the USSR, professor, twice Hera of Socialist Work (1961, 1971).

PETROV Fedor Nikolaevich

In 1902 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that. In 1905 was one of heads of a revolt of soldiers-sappers in Kiev. In 1906 for revolutionary activity it is arrested and put into the Shlisselburg fortress in which was from 1907 to 1915. In 1915 it is banished on the eternal settlement to the Irkutsk province. Since March, 1917 the deputy of City Council of Irkutsk from Bolsheviks. F. N. Petrov is the participant of Great October socialist revolution and guerrilla movement in Siberia and in the Far East 1918 — 1920. In 1920 — 1922 the deputy chairman of the board of Ministers of the Far East republic (DVR), the Minister of Health, the chief of the Head military and sanitary department of National and revolutionary army of DVR, since 1921 the member of the RCP(b) Central Committee Far East bureau. The head of delegation of DVR at negotiations with Japan (1921 — 1922). In 1923 — 1928 chief of Head department of scientific and museum institutions of the National commissariat of education of RSFSR.

On the instructions of V. Lenin organized rendering the necessary help in acquisition of the equipment for I. P. Pavlov's laboratory.

In 1929 — 1933 the chairman of the board Vsesoyuznogo about-va cultural communication with the abroad (In O KC). In 1927 — 1941 of the deputy of hl. editors of 1 prod. BSE, in 1941 — 1949 the director state in-that «The Soviet encyclopedia», until the end of life was a member of Scientific and editorial council of Soviet Encyclopedia publishing house, the editor-in-chief of the Popular medical encyclopedia. F. N. Petrov gave a lot of attention to questions of history of party — the author of a number of works on questions of history of science, health care, museology and cultural construction in the USSR, memories of V. I. Lenin was a member of editorial boards of the multivolume edition «History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union» and Questions of History of the CPSU magazine. Delegate of the XXII—XXIV congresses of the CPSU.

It is awarded by 4 Orders of Lenin, an award of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: From activity of the Ministry of Health of Distant and East Republic, Izv. Narkomzdrava, No. 5-6, page 21, 1921; The Soviet science by a decade of October, in book: Ten years of owls. sciences (1917 — 1927), under the editorship of F. N. Petrov, page 11, M. — JI., 1927; 65 years in the ranks of Lenin party, Reminiscence, M., 1962; Heroic years of fight and victories, M., 1968.

Bibliography: Isakov A. V. National commissioners of health care of the Far East, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 12, page 63, 1972; Ovchinnikova A. K. Fedor Nikolaevich Petrov, in book: Vrachi-bolyyeviki — builders of the Soviet health care, page 119, M., 1970; Chikin S. Ya. 100 years since the birth of F. N. Petrov, Zdravookhr. Grew. Federations, No. 8, page 44, 1976.

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