PETROV Boris Aleksandrovich

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PETROV Boris Aleksandrovich (1898 — 1973) — the Soviet surgeon, the academician of AMH (1966), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1959), the winner of the State award USSR (1952).

PETROV Boris Aleksandrovich

Ended in 1922 medical f-t Moscow un-that. H worked in clinics for I. K. Spizharny. N. Burdenko, etc. Krasnobayeva, since 1927 — in the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Medicine of N. V. Sklifosovsky under the leadership of S. S. Yudin; since 1935 — the manager. surgical department, since 1949 — the chief surgeon in-that and the deputy director by a scientific part. Along with 1944 the prof. of department of hospital surgery Moscow medical in-that M3 of RSFSR, since 1951 — the 1st MMI, and since 1964 and until the end of life — the department chair of hospital surgery of the 2nd to lay down. f-that 1st MMI. During the Soviet-Finnish conflict (1939 — 1940) there was a hl. the surgeon evakogospitalya in Leningrad; from the first days of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945 — hl. the surgeon of the Black Sea Fleet, and since 1944 — the deputy of hl. surgeon of Navy of the USSR.

B. A. Petrov published St. 200 scientific works, including 8 monographs, generally concerning belly and chest surgery, traumatic damages peace and wartime. It dokt, the thesis is devoted to a deaf plaster bandage (1943). It generalized the experience of the military surgeon in monographs «Treatment of Wounds of a Knee Joint» and «Transport Immobilization». For the monograph «Free Skin Transplantation at Big Defects» (1950) it is conferred the State award USSR. The monograph «Surgery of Extrahepatic Bilious Channels» (1971) is devoted to surgical treatment of pathology of bilious ways. A number of its works is devoted to surgical cancer therapy of chest department of a gullet, postburn cicatricial esophageal stenoses and its plastic surgery, treatment of compression spinal fractures, fractures of tubular bones, spinal anesthesia.

B. A. Petrov was elected the chairman Moscow and the deputy chairman of the board Vserossiysky scientific about-in surgeons, the honorary member of many surgical about-in the USSR, International about-va surgeons, a row foreign about-in surgeons. Was an associate editor of the Hirurgiya magazine, and since 1965 — his editor-in-chief, the deputy editor-in-chief of an edition of department «Surgery» of the 2nd prod. BME, and also associate editor of the international magazine «Acta Chirurgica Plastica» and the American magazine «Surgery».

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, awards of the Red Banner, Patriotic war of the I degree and medals.

Works: Deaf plaster bandage, M., 1943; Treatment of gunshot wounds of a knee joint, M., 1945; Spinal anesthesia, M., 1948; Free change of Cauchy at big defects, M., 1950; Surgery of extrahepatic bilious channels, M., 1971 (sovm, with Galperin E. I.); An artificial gullet from a small and large intestine, M., 1972 (sovm, with Sytnik A. P.).

Bibliography: Boris Aleksandrovich Petrov (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Vestn, hir., t. 101, No. 9, page 3, 1968; Boris Aleksandrovich Petrov (To the 80 anniversary since birth), Surgery, No. 9, page 5, 1978; Wangensteen O. H. Boris Petrov, great Russian surgeon, and the Sklifosovsky institute of emergency surgery, v. 76, p. 204, 1974.

I. B. Rozanov.