PETROV Alexander Vasilyevich

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PETROV Alexander Vasilyevich (1837 — 1885) — the domestic figure of public medicine, the pathologist, the doctor of medicine (1862), professor (1865).

PETROV Alexander Vasilyevich

In 1859 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that, worked as the doctor in the Yakut province, then specialized on pathological anatomy in Germany at R. Virkhov. Since 1865 the prof. of pathological anatomy in Kazan un-those, carried out work on review of programs of training of the rural district doctor, promoted improvement of teaching hygiene, introduction of a course of medical geography and statistics. Under the direct guide of A. V. Petrov I. I. Molleson, N. I. Tezyakov, E. A. Osipov began to work. In 1870, having become the chairman Kazan about-va doctors, put before about-vom a problem of systematic studying a dignity. conditions of the Kazan region also took part in the organization of departments about-va in Perm, Saratov, Samara. It developed the program of «The magazine of public medicine» in which the prevention of diseases was proclaimed the main task of profession of a physician (mines - in internal affairs did not grant permission for the edition of the magazine; the edition of printing works about-va «Works», «Diaries» — was suspended, and about-in is closed in 1875).

Speeches and A. V. Petrov's reports in Kazan about-ve and in un-those represent valuable historical material for studying of a radikalnodemokratichesky wing of the medical public in Russia.

Works: To the doctrine about uraemias, a yew., Kazan, 1862; About tasks and the direction of Society of doctors at Imperial Kazan University, the Diary Kazansk, about-va doctors, page 28, 1873, page 23, 1874, page 455, 1881; About taking a step to protection of health of urban population in Kazan, in the same place, page 468, 1873 (sovm, with Sokolovsky N.); About need of the new organization of urban medicine in Kazan, in the same place, page 336, 1883.

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