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PETROVA CONTACT — drug from mix of petroleum sulphonic acids.

P. is for the first time offered in Russia by G. S. Petrov in 1912 to. receive effect of sulphuric anhydride or a strong chamois to - you on kerosene, solar oil, etc. Products of sulphonation of oils represent complex mixture of various connections. One of such drugs is P. to., which contains 40 — 50% of sulfonic acids.

Drug of brown color, is well dissolved in water, as well as washed, has surface-active properties.

The item to. it was used as a desinfectant and emulsifier. It is recommended for deactivation of the protective coatings contaminated by radioactive materials of unknown structure (see. Deactivation ).

See also Detergents .

Bibliography: Petrov G. S. and Rabinovich A. Yu. Petroleum sulphonic acids and their technical use, L., 1932.