PETROV-MASLAKOV Mikhail Andreevich

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PETROV-MASLAKOV Mikhail Andreevich (1896 — 1976) — the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist, the academician of AMH (1969), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1964). Member of the CPSU,

PETROV-MASLAKOV Mikhail Andreevich

Ended in 1924. Leningrad as in-t of medical knowledge (nowadays Leningrad sanitary hygienic medical in-t), since 1934 worked in the same place at department of obstetrics and gynecology (from 1949 to 1968 the manager; department). During the Siege of Leningrad from 1942 to 1944 was the chief of hospital, in 1944 — 1946 the head of department of obstetric aid of Lengorzdravotdel.

In 1947 protected dokt, the thesis «Pathogenetic value of the autonomic nervous system in gynecologic diseases»; professor (1950). From 1960 to 1974 — the director Ying-that obstetrics and gynecology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, M. A. Pegrov-Maslakov published the St. 200 scientific works (including 10 monographs) devoted to hl. obr. to studying of a role of c. N of page in an etiology and a pathogeny of gynecologic diseases, to problems of rational conducting childbirth, their anesthesia (including psychoprophylactic and physiopreventive), prevention of perinatal incidence and mortality, fight against precancerous diseases of female generative organs. Offered the theory of neurogenic dystrophies of female genitalias, immunol, the concept of a pathogeny of late toxicoses of pregnant women and methods of their therapy. Developed (together with M. A. Repina) system of actions for prevention and treatment of an afibrinogenemiya at pregnancy and childbirth. Organized and headed inspection of the children who were born from mothers who had various diseases during pregnancy. Developed and implemented original model of an intrauterine contraceptive LVK-66 differing in existence of a bactericidal letilanlavsanovy braid in practice. One of the first in the USSR applied diathermocoagulation to treatment of precancerous conditions of a neck of uterus.

M. A. Petrov-Maslakov was the deputy chairman Vsesoyuzny (1963 — 1976) and All-Russian (1960 — 1976) obstetric and gynecologic about-in, the chairman Leningrad obstetric and gynecologic about-va, an editor of a redotdel «Obstetrics and gynecology» of BME, the associate editor of the Obstetrics and Gynecology (1963 — 1976) magazine, the consultant of WHO.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Pathogenetic value of the autonomic nervous system in gynecologic diseases, a yew., JI., 1944; About neurogenic dystrophies of female generative organs (a pathogeny and therapy), L., 1952; Psychoprophylaxis of patrimonial pains, L., 1953 (sovm, with Zachepitsky R. A.); Production vibration and specific functions of a female body, L., 1961 (sovm, with Klimets I. I.); Perinatal mortality, L., 1965 (sovm, with Klimets I. I.); Pregnancy and coagulant system of blood, L., 1968 (sovm, from Repina M. A.); Late toxicosis of pregnant women, L., 1971 (sovm, from Sotnikova L. G.); Interrogations of professional pathology and hygiene of female labor, L., 1973 (sovm, with Matysyak V. G.); Modern contraceptives, L., 1973 (sovm, with other); About neurogenic disturbances of specific functions of a female body, M., 1976 (sovm, with other); Patrimonial pain and a labor pain relief, M. * 1977 (sovm, with Abramchenko V. V.).

Bibliography: M. A. Petrov-Maslakov (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Akush, and ginek., No. 1, page. From, 1958; Mikhail Andreevich Petrov-Maslakov, in the same place, No. 10, page 74, 1976.

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