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PETRITS (Petritsy, Petritsoneli) Ioane (the second half of 11 century — the first quarter of 12 century) — the Georgian philosopher and the doctor.


Studied in the Constantinople academy. Was the rector of Petritsonsky seminary at the Georgian monastery in Bulgaria, near the village of Bachkovo. Having moved to Georgia, became the rector of Gedatsky academy.

I. Petritsi was a sign with works of the Greek authors Hesiod, Homer, Hippocrates, Empedocles, Parmenid, Platon and Aristotle whose natural-science views exerted especially considerable impact on it, and with philosophy of neoplatonik. In the scientific and philosophical activity he aimed to overcome foundations of scholasticism and for derogations from the standard Christian dogmas suffered persecution. I. Petritsi is the author of a number of philosophical works, in particular compositions «Consideration of platonovsky philosophy and Prokl Diadokh», transfers into Georgian of the work Ne-mesiya of Emissky «About human nature» and «Elements of theology» of Prokl Diadokh (supplied them with comments), and also several works of Aristotle. And. Considered Petrits that the philosophy consists of three disciplines: physics, ethics and logic (dialectics). It carried medicine to physics. Believe what at Gelatsky academy existed to lay down. establishment where the medicine was taught.

I. Petritsi gave definition of doctoring as philosophizing over the nature of a body and considered that the doctor-philosopher shall learn «Lagos and an etiology». He distinguished the uneducated doctors and scientific physicians owning philosophy (i.e. science). I. Petritsi is considered the author of Practica Petricel-li used as one of the managements at the Salerno medical school.

Works: Consideration of platonovsky philosophy and Prokl Diadokh, the lane about a load., Tbilisi, 1942.

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