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PETKOVIC Sava (Petkovic Sava, sort. in 1910) — the Yugoslavian surgeon-urologist, professor (1955), the member of the Serbian academy of Sciences and arts (1976).


In 1935 ended medical f-t Belgrad un-that. Specialized on surgery and urology in L. Kojen's clinics in Belgrade, P. Duval and M. Shevassyu in Paris. Since 1951 directed urological clinic medical f-that Belgrad un-that.

S. Petkovic published apprx. 350 scientific works, including 4 managements and monographs on clinical surgery and urology. He was engaged in development of diagnostic methods and operational treatment of new growths of kidneys and a bladder, in particular, offered a technique of a cystectomy and an ureterosigmostomy at cancer of a bladder» the classification of tumors of kidneys Created by it was widely adopted. Other researches C * Petkovic are devoted complex treatments of urogenital tuberculosis, to operational treatment of an urolithiasis and damages of an ureter, studying of a pathogeny of «the Balkan nephropathy» and origins of tumors at it. G. Petko-vich is the participant of many urolo ichesk of t of congresses in Yugoslavia, the USSR and the friend with the countries, the member International about in and urologists, the honorary member of a row foreign medical about - century. It was elected by the chairman III and V congresses of urologists of Yugoslavia (1970, 1977). He is a coeditor of the Urologia Internationalis and European Urology magazine (Basel), «Urologia» (Trevizo), «International Urology and Nephrology» (Budapest), the editor-in-chief of the Yugoslavian urological magazine «Uroloski Arhiv», the member of an edition of council of the Urology and Nephrology magazine (USSR).

Works: Hirurgija urogenitalnih organa, Beograd, 1950; The Analysis of postoperative complications and short-term results of change of ureters in a large intestine, Urology, No. 1, page 46, 1957; Operational cancer therapy of a bladder, Materials 5th Vsesoyuz, konf, Urals., p. 2, page 30, M., 1967; Epidemiology and treatment of renal pelvic and ureteral tumors, J. Urol. (Baltimore), v. 114, p. 858, 1975; Die Bedeutung der Veneninvasion bei Nierenparenchymtumoren flir die Prognose, Z. Urol., Bd 69, S. 707, 1976.

Bibliography: Prof. Dr. Sava D. Petkovid, in book: 50 godina urologijeu Srbiji, 40 godina rada uroloSke klinike medicinskog fakulteta u Beogradu, pod red. <B. Ostoji5, s. 65, Beograd, 1972.

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