PETERSEN Oscar Vladimirovich

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PETERSEN Oscar Vladimirovich (1849 — 1919), domestic venereologist and dermatologist.

PETERSEN Oscar Vladimirovich

In 1874 ended medical f-t of Derptsky un-that and defended the doctoral dissertation on a subject: «Experimental researches on pathology and therapy of cystitis». Since 1886 professor; since 1889 the head of the department of skin and venereal diseases in-that improvements of doctors in St. Petersburg.

O. W. Petersen published the St. 100 scientific works devoted to clinic and treatment of inflammatory and infectious skin diseases, a venereal ulcer, a leprosy, the organization of fight against venereal and infectious skin diseases, statistics of venereal and infectious skin diseases in Russia. Many works of O. W. Petersen are transferred to foreign languages. Along with the researches Ferrari (R. of Ferrari) and A. Ducrey O. W. Petersen's works made a contribution to establishment of an etiology venereal ulcer (see).

O. W. Petersen's merits in the field of a leprology are big. He was an initiator of the organization of the first-ever children's dispensary for the healthy children who were born from patients with a leprosy of parents.

Works: About syphilis and venereal diseases in the cities of Russia, Works of a congress on discussion of measures against syphilis in Russia, t. 1, page 125, SPb., 1897; The Collection of works on skin diseases, syphilis, venereal and other diseases in 1874 — 1899, SPb., 1900.

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