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PERTES George (Perthes Georg Clemens, 1869 — 1927) — the German surgeon.


Completed medical education in 1892 and began to work as the assistant F. Trendelenburga in Bonn, is later in clinic in Leipzig. In 1900 — 1901 during military operations in China managed field hospital. G of 1903 professor and the director of policlinic in Leipzig, since 1910 headed surgical clinic Tuebingen un-that.

Scientific works of G. Pertes are devoted to treatment of an empyema of a pleural cavity by method of aspiration, operational treatment of fire damages of peripheral nerves, questions of an etiology of a coma. G. Pertes — one of pioneers of use of a deep roentgenotherapy in surgery; experience of its use was generalized by it in the report at a congress of the German surgeons in 1921 and at a conference on cancer in 1923. In 1910, irrespective of other scientists, it described a peculiar form of an osteochondropathy — an aseptic necrosis of a head of a femur (see. Pertesa disease ). The big contribution is made by G. Pertes in operational treatment of pathology of extremities. Original quick accesses, a method of an osteotomy at flat-footedness are offered them, the arc-shaped section of varus and valgus curvatures, plastic I of a finger of a brush, a myoplasty at paralyzes of a beam nerve, etc. In the last years of life dealt with problems of rhinoplasty, impassability of intestines.

Since 1911 the associate editor of the Zentralblatt fur Chirurgie magazine.

Works: tiber den Einfluss der Rontgenstrah-len auf epitheliale Gewebe, insbesondere auf das Carcinom, Areh. klin. Chir., Bd 71, S. 955, 1903; Verletzungen und Krankheiten der Kiefer, Stuttgart, 1907, 1932; t)ber Arthritis deformans juvenilis, Dtsch. Z. Chir., Bd 107, S. 111, 1910; t)ber plastischen Duamenersatz insbesondere bei Verlust des ganzen Daumenstrahles, Arch, orthop. Unfall-Chir., Bd 19, S. 198, 1921; Ausfuhrung der Nervennaht, Handb, d. arztl. Erfah-rungen im Weltkriege, hrsg. v. O. Schjer-ning, Bd 2, T. 2, S. 554, Lpz., 1922; Indi-kationstellung zu Operationen an den Ner-ven, ibid., S. 521.

Bibliography: J iingl ing O. Georg Perthes, Klin. Wschr., S. 335, 1927; W e r-n e r R. Georg Perthes, Strahlentherapie, Bd 24, S. 1, 1927.

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