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PERLECHE (cheilitis angularis) — the disease of a mucous membrane and skin of corners of a mouth caused by streptococci (a perleche streptococcal) or drozhzhepodobny mushrooms of the sort Candida (a perleche barmy, or kandidamikotichesky). 3. it is observed more often at the children who are accustomed to lick lips and also at the elderly people carrying dentures. The contributing reason can be hypo - or ariboflavinosis (see). 3. it is described in 1886 by Lemaitre.

Clinical picture

3. begins a hyperemia and maceration of skin and mucous membrane of corners of a mouth, then cracks or erosion which become covered by crusts are formed; after their rejection there is a pink or red spot. If current 3. accepts long character, in corners of a mouth deep painful cracks are formed, the mucous membrane and skin infiltrirutsya, edges of a crack become dense, valikoobrazny. At 3. mycotic process quite often passes to a mucous membrane of cheeks (see. Candidiasis ); the disease lasts for weeks and months and often recurs, is followed by the expressed maceration of surrounding skin. 3. streptococcal is characterized by honey-yellow crusts and bigger juiciness of erosion.

The diagnosis

the Diagnosis is made on the basis by a wedge, pictures; the form of a disease is confirmed by laboratory analyses (detection of the activator). 3. it is necessary to differentiate with displays of syphilis and tuberculosis; in the cases causing suspicion of the specified diseases, the patient needs to be subjected to inspection using bakterioskopichesky and serol, methods.


Locally: 1 — 2% spirit solution of a methylrosanilinum chloride, 3 — 5% solution of silver nitrate or solution of Lugol; in the presence of crusts (3. streptococcal) — 1% of erythromycin, geliomitsinovy or 5% white mercury ointment, Oxycortum, etc. At barmy 3. it is recommended to appoint inside and outwardly (ointment) nystatin or levorinum. At persistent and recurrent 3., what especially often happens at an ariboflavinosis, long reception of Riboflavinum and nicotinic to - you, and also fortifying therapy, UF-radiation is shown.

The forecast

the Forecast favorable, at the correct and persistent treatment a disease recovers.

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