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PERITONEOGRAFIYA (grech, peritonaion a peritoneum + grapho to write, represent; synonym tseliografiya) — X-ray inspection of an abdominal cavity after introduction to it of a contrast agent. The item it is experimentally studied in 1949 by L. D. Lindenbraten, and then in 1961 P. Betoulieres. In 1967 B. M. Malkin carried out a wedge, approbation of this method. P. did not gain wide practical spread occurance.

The item is made for detection of trace amount of free liquid in an abdominal cavity, estimates of vsasyvatelny ability of a peritoneum, in case of need researches of a surface of belly and pelvic bodies in difficult cases of diagnosis of tumors, for recognition of small hernias, napr, inguinal.

Contraindications are absent.

On an empty stomach after a cleansing enema under local anesthesia make a paracentesis of a front abdominal wall (see. Laparocentesis ). In an abdominal cavity enter 40 ml of 70% of solution of a triyodirovanny contrast agent into mixes from 20 ml of 0,5% of solution of novocaine. The X-ray analysis is carried out in various projections and provisions of a body of the patient, trying to obtain contrasting of the studied department of an abdominal cavity. By means of a special catheter it is possible to carry out aim P., napr, for selective contrasting of bodies of an upper part of an abdominal cavity.

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L. D. Lindenbraten.