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PERIORCHITIS (periorchitis; grech, peri around, near + orchis a small egg + - itis) — an inflammation of a vulval (serous) cover of a small egg. The item as an independent disease practically does not meet; is reaction of a visceral plate of a vulval cover of a small egg to the inflammatory process which arose in it or an appendage, a tumor or an injury. Distinguish P. acute and chronic. Acute P. is characterized by signs of an acute orchitis or an epididymite with accumulation of a serous, serofibrinous or purulent exudate between plates of a vulval cover that creates a picture to a gidrotsela (see) or pyocele. If exudate completely does not resolve, then develops hron. Items, at Krom in covers of a small egg can be probed infiltrates of a cartilaginous or bone consistence. At acute P. treatment shall be directed to basic process in process of which elimination also symptoms of the Item disappear. At purulent P. opening and drainage of a purulent cavity is necessary. Treatment hron. The item consists in excision of the changed covers of a small egg and holding the actions directed to treatment of a basic disease. The forecast at timely treatment favorable.

See also Small egg .

A. F. Darenkov.