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PERIHEPATITIS (perihepatitis; grech, peri around, near + hepatitis) — an inflammation of the capsule of a liver.

The item arises, as a rule, for the second time, in connection with various patol, the processes developing in a liver, and also in a gall bladder, a stomach, a diaphragm, a peritoneum. In certain cases P. is connected with lymphogenous distribution of contagiums from the remote bodies, napr, a chest cavity.

Distinguish P. acute and chronic. Acute P. is characterized by a serous, fibrinous or purulent inflammation of the capsule of a liver; the fibrinopurulent inflammation is more often observed, especially at P. as a result of purulent processes in an abdominal cavity. At the organization of exudate formation of unions between the capsule of a liver and bodies surrounding it, and also emergence of focal or diffusion thickenings of the capsule as a result of growth of connecting fabric is possible. In some cases encystment of exudate, napr, education can take place subphrenic abscess (see).

Hron. The item can develop in acute P.'s outcome, but in some cases process from the very beginning proceeds as hron, a productive inflammation.

Century. wedge, picture Items, especially in the beginning, prevail symptoms of a basic disease. Sometimes, napr, at hepatitis (see), the expressed pains, the arising hl can be observed. obr. in connection with sharp stretching. capsules of a liver. In the cases which are followed by formation of unions with other bodies can take place of pain, amplifying during the walking, extension of a trunk, jolty driving and the sharp movements. At a palpation sometimes it is possible to note morbidity, tuberosity and consolidation of bottom edge of a liver, and also its small mobility at breath and a postural change of a body. With the help rentgenol, researches, in particular during the imposing pneumoperitoneum (see), it is possible to establish deformation of a liver and tuberosity of its contours. At peritoneoskopiya (see) the thickening of the capsule of a liver, existence of commissures and unions is noted.

Hron. The item proceeding with the expressed fibrous changes can cause a prelum of vessels of a liver, bilious and hepatic channels, stagnation of blood in system of a portal vein, jaundice (see).

Treatment To the item it is directed to a basic disease. At chronic P. LFK is shown, in some cases the paraffin therapy is recommended. At P. which is followed by abscessing, a prelum of a portal vein, bilious channels operational treatment is shown.

Forecast to thicket favorable, depends on a basic disease d character of the complications caused by it and anatomo-functional changes.

L. M. Freydin.