PEREMEZHKO Pyotr Ivanovich

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PEREMEZHKO Pyotr Ivanovich (1833 — 1893) — the domestic histologist, professor (1870).

PEREMEZHKO Pyotr Ivanovich

Ended medical f-t Kiev un-that in 1859. Working as the practical doctor in Kazan, began scientific activity in laboratory F. V. Ovsyannikova. In 1863 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about development of cross-striped muscle fibers from muscular kernels. Since 1870 professor, and in 1872 — 1875 the dean medical f-that Kiev un-that where organized department of histology, embryology and a comparative anatomy.

The author apprx. 30 scientific works devoted to problems gistol, structures of a thyroid gland and a hypophysis (1866), development and a structure of a spleen (1867), formation of germinal leaves in egg (1868). Irrespective of predecessors described the difficult division of zooblasts (1878) later called a mitosis and also nervous educations, to-rye afterwards were called I. M. Sechenov proprioceptors. The author of the cytologic section and some other chapters in the guide to histology published under M. D. Lavdovsky and F. V. Ovsyannikov's edition (1887 - — 1888).

Works: About development of cross-striped muscle fibers from muscular kernels (at a frog), Sovr, medical, L' 1, page 5, 1863, Researches about a structure of a thyroid gland, in the same place, No. 32, page 514, 1866; About division of zooblasts, the Medical message., J\s 31, page 273, 1878; Uber die Teilung der tierischen Zeilen. Arch. mikr. Anat., Bd 16, S. 437, 1878—1879, Bd 17, S. 168, 1879 — 1880; Zur Frage iiber die Teilung der Zel-Jenkernes, Biol. Zbl., Bd 1, S. 52, 1881 — 1882; Fabric of an epithelium, in book: The bases to studying of microscopical anatomy of the person and animals, under the editorship of M. D. Lavdovsky and F. V. Ovsyannikov, t. 1, page 160, SPb., 1887; The Doctrine about a cell, in the same place, page 49; System of uric bodies, in the same place, t. 2, page 687, SPb., 1888; System of generative organs, men's generative organs, in the same place, page 716.

Bibliography: Kvitnitsky-Ryzhov Yu. Y., P. I. Peremezhko (To the 75 anniversary of the description of indirect division of zooblasts), Usp. sovr, biol., t. 40, century 3, page 364, 1955; it e, P. I. Peremezhko, Kiev, 1979; Kuzmin M. K. First Kiev professor of histology P. I. Peremezhko (1833 — 1893), Arkh. patol., t. 19, century 3, page 66, 1957.

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