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PERCY Pierre (Percy Pierre-Francois, 1754 — 1825) — the French surgeon, one of founders of field surgery, the member of the French academy of Sciences (1807).

PERCY Pierre

In 1775 graduated from the Higher medical school in Besançon. In 1776 it was enlisted on military service by the regimental doctor; in 1792 the hl is appointed. surgeon Severna, then Moselle army. P. Percy — one of organizers of military-medical service of the French revolutionary army, and then Napoléon I's army; since 1801 — the general-inspector of medical service of the French army and in this position participated in a number of military campaigns of Napoleon.

P. Percy developed system of first-aid treatment by the wounded in the battlefield, created groups of porters, mobile surgical groups (ambulans), offered special type of sanitary vehicles. History of surgery was become by the term «surgery of fight» offered P. Percy (similar to the modern term «field surgery»). The principles of the organization of the surgical help offered them in the war were developed further by D. Larrey. P. Percy insisted on need of a section of bullet wounds, proving harm of searches of foreign bodys blindly puleiskatel; was a supporter of primary amputation of extremities at gunshot wounds and specified indications to this operation. P. Percy persistently fought for independence of military-medical service, for its independence of an intendantstvo. In 1800 it put forward the idea of the agreement of belligerent parties on inviolability of military hospitals.

He stated the opinion on field surgery both in printing works, and in lectures, to-rye read on medical f-those Parisian un-that and at military-medical school in Paris where he was a professor since 1795. The management for the military surgeon written to P. Percy was a grant for surgeons of the French army and it was known in Russia (in Russian it was not published).

P. Percy of 16 times awarded the academic awards for scientific works on surgery. In 1814 he was awarded by one of the highest awards of Russia — Anna I of degree with the star covered with diamonds for participation in the organization and rendering 12 thousand to the surgical help wounded of structure of the Russian-Prussian army which entered Paris.

Works: Manuel du chirurgien d’armee, P., 1792, 1830; Pyroteehnie chirurgicale pratique, P., 1811.

Bibliography: B.iograpbisches Lexikon der Hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. A. Hirsch, Bd 4, S. 552, B. — Wien, 1932; L a r-r e at J. D. Memoires de Chirurgie militaire et camnagnes, t. 1—4, P., 1812 — 1817.

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