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PELOIDINUM (Peloidinum) — biogenic stimulator; silt therapeutic mud extract. Transparent colorless sterile liquid; pH 8,2-9,5.

The chemical structure of P. finally is not specified and changeable even during the use for its preparation of the same technology that depends, apparently, on properties of dirt. Existence in drug of phospholipids, glycerides, saturated and unsaturated high-molecular fat to - t, sterols, vegetable pigments (including karotina), various amines is proved. Item and other drugs, e.g. is peloidodistillit (see), Gumisolum (see), received from to lay down. dirt, on a source of receiving combine in group of so-called peloid (see. therapeutic muds ).

The main pharmakol. the effect of peloid — antiinflammatory action, the mechanism to-rogo is definitely not found out.

Items apply in gynecology at hron, inflammatory diseases of internal generative organs (introduction by method of an electrophoresis). In P.'s gastroenterology appoint inside on 40 — 50 - ml 2 times a day in the warmed-up look for 1 — 2 hour to food (courses on 4 — 6 weeks) at gastritises, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum. At colitis enemas from P. are recommended (on 100 ml 2 times a day within 10 — 15 days). Outwardly in the form of washings and irrigations, bandages drug is used at treatment of purulent wounds.

Side effect, complications and contraindications are not described.

Form of release: bottles on 500 ml. Store in the place protected from light.

See also Biogenic stimulators .

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