PAUTOV Victor Nikolaevich

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PAUTOV Victor Nikolaevich (sort. in 1926) — the Soviet microbiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1982), the winner of the State award USSR (1978). Member of the CPSU.

PAUTOV Victor Nikolaevich

Ended VMA in 1948. Worked in various research establishments in the field of microbiology and epidemiology. Pupil P. F. Zdrodovsky.

V. N. Pautov published St. 170 scientific works, including 3 monographs devoted to hl. obr. to questions of biology of rickettsiae, methods of specific prevention and diagnosis of rickettsioses of the person, and also development of vaccines against rickettsioses. It studied features of an antigenic structure, an immunogenicity, pathogenicity, morphology, a reproduction and metabolism of rickettsiae depending on conditions of their dwelling. A number of its works is devoted to biology of an arbovirus and immunoprevention of plague.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Biology of rickettsiae, M., 1968 (sovm, with Igumnov A. I.); Specific prevention of rickettsioses, M., 1969 (sovm, with other); Mosquitoes and mites — carriers of causative agents of viral and rickettsial diseases of the person, M., 1975 (sovm, with Burlakov S.A.).