PAUL Andriy Ivanovich

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PAUL Andriy Ivanovich (1794 — 1864) — the domestic surgeon, the urologist, professor (1833).

POL Andrey Ivanovich

In 1815 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy.

In 1820 protected dokt, the thesis on «About the Means Causing Erubescence and Abscessing», and in 1824 the new thesis about tumors limf, glands. Since 1833 professor of the Moscow medicochirurgical academy. Was an initiator of creation and would be the main doctor Ekaterininskaya (nowadays 24 Moscow a wedge,-tsa, base of the 1st MMI); participated in work of committee on construction Town, Eye and some other BC of Moscow, created the museum patol, drugs (1840). From 1845 to 1859 the first professor of surgery of hospital surgical clinic medical f-that Moscow un-that, created by it on the basis of Ekaterininskaya-tsy.

A. I. Paul was a surgeon of a wide profile. It made St. 1500 operations of a lithotomy and more than 200 operations of lithotripsy; he was children's innovator of lithotripsy, devoted to this operation several scientific works, from to-rykh the greatest attention deserves «Uber litho-tritie bei Kindern». A. I. Paul the first in Moscow carried out a subtotal resection of a mandible concerning sarcoma (1843), applied a chloroformic anesthesia (1847). He developed a technique of teaching surgery to students of older years, proved expediency of a practical training on corpses. A. I. Paul dealt also with issues of the general therapy. It possesses the monographic work «The short description of cholera» which sustained three editions (including in German).

Works: Dissertatio inaguralis medicopractica de rubefacientum et vesicantum ac pracique de cantharidum externo usu, M., 1820; Binding of an outside ileal artery, Voyen. - medical zhurn., p. 15, No. 1, page 122, 1830; Lettre sur la lithotritie uretrale, Gaz. med. Paris, 2 ser., t. 7, p. 168, 1839; The Meat-and-bone tumor (osteosteatoma) occupying all right half of a mandible, enucleation of a joint, Notes by a part the doctor, sciences, book 2, page 1, 1843; Krankheitsgeschichten, zwei Falle von Elephantiasis der mannlichen Geschlecht-stheile, Mitt. Geb. Heilk. Leipz., Bd 1, S. 161, 1845; The Bubbly or gidatidny tumor over a peritoneum, Mosk. doctor, zhurn., t. 1, book 1, page 46, 1847; About some adverse circumstances which are found at lithotripsy (litotritiya) and about measures to which No. 5 needs to resort in such cases, in the same place, page 240, 1856.

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Ya. V. Gudynsky.