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PARONYCHIA (paronychia; grech, para near + onyx, onychos nail; synonym perionikhiya) — the inflammatory defeats of nail rollers which are quite often taking periungual soft tissues.

The item can be caused various inf. factors (stafilokokka, streptococci, yeast-like fungi, is much more rare a pyocyanic or diphtheritic stick, Proteus, viruses of herpes, a pale treponema, etc.). At this P. can be one of signs of the general patol, process, napr, tuberculosis, syphilis, or, more rare, to be the only display of an infection, napr, piokokkovy, candidosis. The item is observed also at a number of skin diseases (psoriasis, red flat herpes, eczema, etc.), at nek-ry new growths of a nail phalanx, a bed and a matrix of a nail (an exostosis, a melanoma, cancer).

P.'s development is promoted by various damages (mechanical, thermal, chemical) tissues of a nail phalanx, an eponychium (at manicure, a pedicure), agnails, splinters.

Histologically in skin of nail rollers inflammatory changes are observed, features to-rykh are caused by the reason which caused

P. P. proceeds sharply (with reddening, puffiness of skin of nail rollers) or chronically (with infiltration, a peeling). At piokokkovy P. usually sharp morbidity, indistinct borders of defeat, release of pus from under the inflamed nail rollers are noted. Psevdomonadny P. is clinically similar with piokokkovy, but differs in green coloring of a nail and separation of an eponychium from a nail plate. Disappearance of an eponychium, an overhang of the subauriculate back nail roller is characteristic of candidosis P., from under to-rogo only sometimes during the pressing the scanty curdled discharge is allocated. At eczema on nail rollers there are vesicles, a peeling, crusts; at psoriasis the hyperemia, infiltration take all trailer phalanx, the lamellar peeling (desquamative P.), a serous and purulent discharge from under the nail roller is characteristic. Often P. is followed by an onychia — disturbance of structure, transparency nails (see), napr, at psoriasis, red flat herpes, eczema, candidiasis. At new growths in a nail phalanx of P. can be followed by ulcerations (ulcer P.). At syphilis in the field of nail rollers papular syphilides, including keratosic (horn P.), and also ulcer the Item can be observed.

The diagnosis is established on the basis by a wedge, pictures, microscopic examination of skin of nail rollers, consider a disease, at Krom there was P.

Naruzhno in an acute stage of P. appoint: the wet drying bandages from 5 — 10% solution of Ichthyolum, with solution of 0,25% of silver nitrate, Furacilin (1:5000); aniline dyes; at hron. Items are recommended to ointment with antibiotics, napr, polimiksino-vy, gentamitsinovy, nystatin and others depending on the activator, application of pure Ichthyolum, at eczematic and psoriasis P. — corticosteroid ointments. At inefficiency of conservative actions operational treatment is carried out.

If P. — display of any disease, then is carried out it treatment.

The forecast is usually favorable.

It is recommended to avoid different injuries of nail rollers.

See also Felon .

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A. M. Ariyevich.