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PARAFFIN THERAPY — a method of thermal treatment, at Krom as the thermal agent use paraffin. Usually P. is a part of complex therapy, but in some cases maybe independent to lay down. by method.

Paraffin as thermal to lay down. the factor was applied for the first time by the fr. scientist Bart de E. Barthe de Sand fort in 1902. The first publications about P. in the USSR belong to D. A. Markov (1929) and A. To M. Tumanovsky (1931).

Mechanism of action

Lech. the effect of paraffin consists of action of thermal and mechanical factors. Unlike to lay down. dirt, action to-rykh is substantially caused by their chemical structure (content of biologically active agents, gases, microelements), influence paraffin (see) it is based mainly on its physical properties. Heat conductivity of paraffin is 3 times less heat conductivity to lay down. silt mud. During the imposing on skin the melted paraffin stiffens, forming a film, temperature a cut quickly decreases to body temperature. Between skin and a film the thin gas coat is formed. The film and a gas layer protect skin from influence of high temperature of overlying layers of paraffin. During the hardening paraffin generates heat therefore temperature under a layer of paraffin during all procedure remains to a constant.

In process of cooling paraffin approximately decreases by 10% in volume that causes its compression action on fabric. Especially it is shown at circular applications on an extremity, and the prelum of fabrics amplifies due to increase in volume of the warmed part of an extremity. It promotes distribution of heat in fabrics deeply, and also to reduction of a gleam of peripheral vessels and acceleration of a blood-groove in them. Procedures P. promote a trichangiectasia, cause erubescence. In this regard in bodies and fabrics local exchange amplifies, become more active regenerative and reparative, including oxidation-reduction, processes, phagocytal function of elements of connecting fabric increases, the resorption of toxic products of exchange and removal them from fabrics accelerates. Strengthening of local sweating also promotes bystry removal from an organism of toxic products of exchange. All this causes a nonspecific antiinflammatory and promoting effect of paraffin at hron, diseases of various bodies and systems of inflammatory, dystrophic and traumatic genesis. The antiinflammatory effect of paraffin is most expressed in a stage of proliferation and involution of inflammatory process. The item promotes a rassasyvaniye of commissures, accelerates consolidation of bone fragments, formation of a bone callosity.

It is established that P. at patients with diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves accelerates recovery of their conductivity. Experimental and clinical observations showed that applications of paraffin affect bacteriostatically flora of a wound, create sealing in a bandage and a microclimate, necessary for regeneration of an epithelium.

Under the influence of P. at patients pulse becomes frequent, the ABP raises (on 5 — 15 mm of mercury.). On an ECG small increase in teeth of P and T and decrease in an interval of ST is noted. Usually in 10 — 20 min. after the end of a procedure these shifts disappear. The expressed changes of a hemodynamics and an ECG more often happen at patients to associated diseases of cardiovascular system therefore such sick P. should carry out with care (to reduce temperature of heating of paraffin, to reduce the area of applications and the number of procedures by a course of treatment).

Indications and Contraindications

Indications: hron, diseases of the digestive system, a peripheral nervous system, the sexual sphere of inflammatory genesis, a state after injuries and diseases of a musculoskeletal system, nek-ry skin diseases.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory processes, new growths, diseases of blood, bleeding and bent to them, tuberculosis of any localization, a circulatory unefficiency of IIB — III of a stage, an idiopathic hypertensia of IIB — III of a stage, cirrhosis, nephrite and a nephrosis, endocrine diseases, pregnancy, mental diseases, inf. diseases.

The technique

For P.'s carrying out is taken away the certain room by the area at the rate of 6 m 2 on one place (couch); its minimum area is 12 m 2 . A floor is covered with linoleum. The room is supplied with the positive-pressure ventilation providing air flow +4, an extract in an hour — 5. Tables, on to-rykh establish heaters and the spill of paraffin is made, cover with fire-resistant material. As paraffin easily ignites, heating it needs to be carried out in an exhaust case in specially allocated room not less than 8 m 2 . Walls of this room on height of 2,5 m from a floor shall be revetted with a glazed tile, and a floor is covered by a metlakhsky tile.

Apply high cleaning medical paraffin with t to P. ° pl 50 — 57 °, representing white amorphous weight. Heat paraffin on the water bath or in a parafinonagrevatel to t ° 65 — 100 °.

The site of skin which is subject to influence is dried, and hair at the expressed indumentum shave off or grease with vaseline. There are several ways P.: lamination of paraffin, paraffin trays, salfetno-applikatsi-onny and cuvette and application ways.

At a lamination the melted paraffin with a flat brush is repeatedly applied on the site of skin (temperature of a first coat 50 — 55 °, the subsequent — 60 — 65 °; thickness of all layers is 1 — 2 cm). The body part covered with paraffin is covered with a compresseal oilcloth or waxen paper and wrapped up with a blanket or special quilted jackets.

Paraffin trays: a part of a body (a brush, foot) is covered with paraffin in the beginning (* ° "50 — 55 °), and then immersed in the wooden tray or an oil-cloth sack filled with the melted paraffin t ° 60 — 65 °.

Salfetno-application way: a brush or a cotton plug apply a layer of paraffin on a body part with thickness apprx. 0,5 cm, on it impose impregnated with paraffin (t ° 60 — 70 °) and the wrung-out gauze napkins, to-rye from above cover with an oilcloth and special quilted jackets.

Cuvette and application way: the melted paraffin is spilled in the ditches which are laid out by a medical oilcloth (thickness of a paraffin layer in a ditch of 2 — 3 cm) \stiffened, but still soft paraffin (t ° 50 — 55 °) is taken out together with an oilcloth from ditches and imposed on the body part which is subject to influence, to-ry then covered with special quilted jackets.

Duration of procedures of Item 30 — 60 min.; they will be out daily or every other day, on a course of treatment of 12 — 20 procedures. After each procedure of sick 20 — 30 min. has a rest.

In complex treatment of burns, wounds, ulcers it is possible to apply parafinomaslyany mix across Lepsky (75% of medical paraffin and 25% of the vitaminized fish oil or cotton oil), to-ruyu inflict on a surface defeats by means of a spray or the special sprayer.

The item can be combined in the same day with other methods of physical therapy — electrotreatment, ultrasonic therapy, massage, to lay down. gymnastics. (E.g., with bathtubs) P. alternate to hydropathic procedures every other day. It is not recommended to combine P. with the cooling procedures (cool souls, air bathtubs, etc.).

Paraffin for treatment can be reused on condition of its sterilization (heating to 120 ° within 15 min.). For recovery of plastic properties of the used paraffin it is necessary to add not less than 15% of fresh to it. Paraffin, to-ry imposed on open wounds, burn surfaces, ulcers, repeatedly do not use.

Bibliography: Olefirenko V. T. Water-thermotherapy, M., 1978; Syroyechkovskaya M. N. Paraffin therapy, M., 1958.

V. M. Bogolyubov.