PARADISE Mikhail Ivanovich

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PARADISE Mikhail Ivanovich

PARADISE Mikhail Ivanovich (1873 — 1956) — the Soviet judicial physician, professor (1912), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1935).

Ended in 1898 medical f-t Tomsk un-that and it was left at department of forensic medicine. In 1907 protected dokt. the thesis on diagnosis of death from overcooling of an organism. In 1907 — 1909 passed a scientific training in Berlin and Paris. Since 1912 professor of department of forensic medicine Moscow un-that. Managed departments of forensic medicine Saratov un-that (1919 — 1937), 1 Leningrad medical in-that (1937—1941), VMA (1941—1949), Odessa medical in-that (1949 — 1956).

M. I. Raysky published St. 100 scientific works, including the guide to forensic medicine (1953). It developed the classification of stages of formation of livors mortis which had essential value for objectification and increase in accuracy of establishment of prescription of approach of death; three-sedate division of weight of injuries is offered, a cut formed the basis of legal classification of weight of injuries of the Criminal code of USSR; the significant contribution to recognition of death from action of extreme temperatures, court is made. - medical diagnosis of fire damages (it, in particular, entered the concept «minus fabric», the phenomenon of parchmentizing of skin in the field of an entrance bullet wound at a shot is described at a short distance, etc.).

M. I. Raysky — one of organizers and the first chairman Leningrad and Odessa scientific about-in judicial physicians.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Star and medals.

Works: To a question of sudden death at any cardiorrhesis, Tomsk, 1903; To the doctrine about recognition of death from cold, a yew., Tomsk, 1907; «Minus-Tkani» at fire damages, Works Saratovsk. medical in-that, t. 1, p. 3, page 159, 1936 (sovm. with Zhivoderovy N. F.); Forensic medicine, M., 1953.

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Yu. L. Melnikov.