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PARACENTRAL SEGMENTS SYNDROME — defeat of the highest cortical centers of regulation of an urination and sexual functions.

Decrease in thresholds of spinal automatism is the cornerstone of a syndrome ejaculations (see) and urinations (see) owing to weakening of the constraining influences of so-called sentry points of bark.

At P. of page observe the speeded-up, difficult suppressed (imperative) desires to an urination in the afternoon, involuntary urinations during sleep, premature approach of an ejaculation. At nevrol, a research find signs of selective defeat of a pyramidal innervation of distal departments of the lower extremities (the ii-version of reflexogenic zones of Achilles reflexes, a clonus of feet, patol. Babinski's reflexes and Rossolimo, etc., selective decrease in bottom reflexes, symptoms of oral automatism, anisocoria, etc.). With age spontaneous smoothing of vesical symptoms is observed; the accelerated ejaculation remains, quite often being complicated by development of neurosis of expectation with weakening of erections and sexual desire (see. Impotence ).

Treatment — reflexotherapy (see), directed to a vegetative and segmented zone of lumbosacral area. Chlorethyl blockade of this bucketed area in 2 — 3 days (only 5 — 8 times) is most effective.

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G. S. Vasilchenko.