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PARAAMINOBENZAMINOACETIC TEST — the functional research of the ability of kidneys to filtrational secretory clearance which is characterized by amount of blood (in milliliters), a cut is cleared of intravenously entered paraaminohippuric acid in one minute. Filtrational and secretory clearance (see) gives an idea of work of kidneys in general and serves for definition of a renal blood-groove (plazmotok) since at not too high concentration paraaminobenzaminoacetic to - you (PAGE) in plasma blood is almost completely purified of it after single passing through kidneys.

H. W. Smith with sotr suggested to use PAGE for definition of a renal blood-groove. in 1938

Hod researches

enter PAGE intravenously in two steps. The first solution (3 ml of 20% of solution bring PAGE to 250 ml fiziol, solution) is entered intravenously within 10 min. (rate of administering of 20 ml/min.). The second solution — supporting (15 ml of 20% of solution bring PAGE to 1 l fiziol, solution) — enter with a speed of 4 ml/min. Urine is collected by a catheter every 10 — 15 min. In the middle of each temporary interval between captures of urine take blood from a vein. In blood and urine paraaminobenzaminoacetic to - that is defined colorimetric (from sulfanilami-number).

The clearing coefficient defined by Pct normal makes 600 — 655 ml/min. Permanent reduction of speed of a renal blood-groove is observed at the long course of a hypertension, especially at development of atherosclerosis of kidneys. The pct is used for differential diagnosis of diseases of kidneys, primary and secondary in relation to an idiopathic hypertensia. Reduction of speed of a renal blood-groove is observed also at a nephrotic form hron, a glomerulonephritis, and also at pyelonephritis, cardiovascular insufficiency. Increase in speed of a renal blood-groove can sometimes be observed at an acute glomerulonephritis.

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