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PAPPENGEYMA METHODS (And. Pappenheim, is mute. the therapist, 1870 — 1916) — methods of coloring of drugs for studying of blood cells, and also for a bacterioscopy in smears and microscopic sections.

Pan-optical and pankhromny methods of coloring are most widespread on Pappengeym. For pan-optical coloring the dried-up smears or cuts from the material fixed in Maximov or Gelli's mix process May solution — Gryunval-and without washing dokrashivat divorced solution of Gimza (see. Romanovsky — Gimza a method ). Smears wash out, dry filter paper and conclude in a liquid paraffin or balm; cuts before washing differentiate in 0,15% solution ice acetic to - you, and after washing dry filter paper, dehydrate in mix of acetone with abs. alcohol (1:1), carry out through a xylol and conclude in balm. At pankhromny coloring instead of Gimza's solution use divorced (10 — 15 drops on 10 ml of a distilled water) solution of pan-chrome. Cuts differentiate 0,1% water solution picric to - you and dehydrate in mix of acetone with a xylol (3:7). Pankhromny coloring to Kardos's modifications (E. Kardos, 1911) is carried out with addition to pan-chrome of mix orange with imperial green. Kernels of cells are painted in krasnovatofioletovy color, cytoplasm of lymphoid cells — blue, granularity of neutrophilic leukocytes — brown-violet, granules of eosinophilic granulocytes — orange-red, erythrocytes — pink, polychromatophilous erythrocytes — lilacky.

For bakterioskopichesky studying of smears, gistol, cuts and so forth drugs process karbol-fuchsin with the subsequent coloring across Pappengeym koralliny or solution of imperial green and pyronin in mix with alcohol, glycerin and carbolic water. M belong to P. also coloring the triatsi-house (mix methylene blue, imperial green, magenta acid and orange), detection of peroksidazny granularity of leukocytes across Pappengeym — the NAC-but also other.

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