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PAPEN Edmon (Papin Edmond, 1876 — 1946) — the French urologist.


Since 1905 worked in clinic of Necker in Paris for F. Gyuyon and I. Albarran, and from 1912 to 1920 as the closest assistant F. Lege. In 1908 protected dokt, the thesis on the subject «Sexual Function and Prostatectomy». Since 1920 the Urals, managed department of hospital of St. Iosif.

From numerous works E. Pases foams are of special interest the guides to a tsistoskopiya, a piyelografiya, endoscopy of uric ways, a transurethral prostatectomy. In 1913 for the first time made operation of a total cystectomy with a bilateral skin ureterostomy. In 1921 offered the operation of denervation of a renal leg afterwards called Papen's operation. The rich wedge, experience generalized in the work «Surgery of a Kidney» (1928). In the French multivolume urological encyclopedia large sections are written to them: «Anatomy, embryology and physiology of a kidney», «Congenital anomalies and deformations of a kidney», «Anomalies of an ureter», Uretroskopiya.

E. Papen was one of founders and the chairman of French about-va urologists, the member of International association of urologists and many foreign urological about - century.

Works: Manuel de cystoscopie, P., 1914; La pyelographie, P., 1921; Endoscopie opera-toire des voies urinaires, P., 1923 (sovm. with other); Chirurgie du rein, t. 1 — 2, P., 1928; Diagnostic de la tuberculose renale, P., 1932; La resection endoscopique de la prostate, P.’ 1934; Precis d’urologie, P., 1937 (sovm, with Legueu F.).

Bibliography: Dictionnaire national des contemporains, p. 466, P., 1936.

Ya. V. Gudynsky.