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PANZOOTIC (grech, pan everything, whole + zoon animal) — a wide spread occurance of an infectious disease among animals in the territory of the country, the continent; the highest degree of intensity of epizootic process.

To inf. to diseases, tending to panzootic distribution, it is possible to carry a foot-and-mouth disease, plague of pigs, birds and cattle, infectious encephalomyelitis of horses and nek-ry other infectious diseases.

Successful fight against P. depends on degree of study of diseases, existence of scientifically developed methods of controlling with them, timely and their rational use, the general culture of maintaining livestock production and material and technical resources vt. services. At a row inf. the diseases (a brucellosis, rage, etc.) constituting health hazard and lives of people close coordination of actions medical is necessary and vt. services (see. Epizooty ).

L. I. Bespalov.