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PANTRIPIN (Pantrypinum) — anti-fermental means; drug of a pancreas.

Items receive from a pancreas of cattle after crystallization and department of trypsin with afterpurification (by the fractioned salting-out, thermal deproteinization, desalting and sterile filtering) and lyophilizing.

The item — light powder of yellowish color, well water soluble and isotonic solutions of sodium chloride and glucose.

The item slows down effect of proteolytic enzymes of trypsin and chymotrypsin, forming with them inactive complexes. In an experiment it oppresses also fibrinolitic activity of blood. On character and the mechanism of action of P. it is close to to Trasylolum (see).

P.'s activity is determined biol, method (by ability to inactivate trypsin). 1 g of drug shall contain not less than 650 Units

of the Item. apply at acute pancreatitis and a recurrence hron, pancreatitis, for prevention of pancreatitis at stomach operations and bilious ways in cases when tissue of a pancreas is injured, and also at pancreatic, bilious, duodenal and high intestinal fistulas. In P.'s ophthalmology use for the termination of excess action chymotrypsin approximately at extraction of a cataract using this enzyme.

Solutions P. are prepared just before the use, using isotonic solutions of sodium chloride or glucose as solvents.

At severe forms of acute pancreatitis of P. enter intravenously in one step in a dose 100 — 125 PIECES on 10 — 20 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride or glucose. Then within the first days P. enter kapelno intravenously every 4 hour on 25 — 30 PIECES on 500 ml of isotonic solution of glucose or sodium chloride. The general dose of P. within the first days — to 300 PIECES. In the same daily doses of P. it is possible to enter kapelno intravenously on 500 — 1000 ml of isotonic solution 2 times a day with a speed of 40 — 60 thaws of 1 min. Duration of drop introduction shall make not less 2nd hour. In the next days P.'s treatments enter in daily doses 120 — 150 PIECES to a wedge, recovery.

At operations for acute pancreatitis of P. it is possible to enter locally (under the capsule of a pancreas) in a dose of 50 — 62 PIECES on 20 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride. In the postoperative period drug is appointed intravenously according to the stated above scheme.

At pancreatic, bilious, duodenal and high intestinal fistulas of P. enter intravenously kapelno in doses 6 — 12 PIECES of 1 times a day.

P.'s treatment is carried out under control of maintenance of a diastase in urine and blood, and also other biochemical indicators.

At extraction of a cataract in 2 — 3 min. after processing of front and back chambers of the eye solutions chymotrypsin (in concentration 1:5000 or 1:10 000) chambers of the eye wash out 0,5 — 1 ml of solution P. (in concentration 1:2500 or 1:5000) in isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

Side effect The item is shown by hl. obr. allergic reactions (at repeated administrations of drug). Therefore P. should appoint with care to the persons inclined to allergic reactions.

Form of release: hermetically the corked bottles containing 6, 12, 15, 20 and 30 PIECES of drug. Keep at a temperature not over 20 ° in the dry, protected from light place.

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