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PANTOMYCINUM (Pantomycinum, synonym: dihydrostreptomycin pantothenate, Dihydrostreptomycini pantothenas; pantotenovokisly salt of dihydrostreptomycin; joint venture. B) — an antibiotic from group of streptomycin.

A total formula — C 21 H 41 N 7 O 12 • 3C 9 H 17 NO 5  ; constitutional formula of Pantomycinum:

The item — white or with a yellowish shade powder, inodorous, bitterish taste. Collapses at action strong to - t and alkalis. Let's easily dissolve in water, it is almost insoluble in ethyl and methyl alcohols, chloroform and ether. 1 mg of P. contains in terms of nonvolatile solid not less than 410 mkg (PIECE) of dihydrostreptomycin basis and not less than 450 mkg pantothenic to - you. On a range of antibacterial activity, chemotherapeutic action and P.'s pharmacokinetics does not differ from sulfates of streptomycin and dihydrostreptomycin. Pantothenic acid (see) reduces toxicity of streptomycin in this connection P. is less toxic and in some cases it is better transferred by patients, than other salts of these antibiotics.

Indications to use the same P., as for other antibiotics of group of streptomycin: various forms of tuberculosis, meningitis of a tubercular and neturberkulezny etiology, and also peritonitis, pleurisy, an endocarditis caused by microbes, steady against benzylpenicillin, diseases of uric ways and nek-ry other infections.

Item. appoint in case of bad portability of sulfates of streptomycin and dihydrostreptomycin.

Item. apply only intramusculary 1 — 2 time a day. A daily dose for adult 0,5 — 1,0 g, for children aged about one year — 0,1 — 0,15 g, 2 — 3 years — 0,15 — 0,25 g, 4 — 7 years — 0,25 — 0,35 g, 8 — 10 years — 0,35 — 0,5 g, 11 — 14 years — 0,5 — 0,8 g of P. dissolve ex tempore in 2 — 3 ml of sterile 0,25 or 0,5% of solution of novocaine, isotonic solution of sodium chloride or a sterile distilled water for injections. The general course dose depends on character and disease severity, efficiency of treatment and portability of drug. The item can appoint in combination with an isoniazid, PASK, benzylpenicillin: and other antibacterial drugs. Side effect, precautionary measures and contraindications to P.'s use match those for all group streptomycin (see).

Release in bottles on 0,25; 0,5 and 1 g of active agent in terms of dihydrostreptomycin basis. Store in the dry place at the room temperature.

Bibliography: Navashin S. M. and Fomina I. P. Reference book on antibiotics, M., 1974.

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