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PANTOCRINUM (Pantocrinum) — the means stimulating the central nervous system; liquid spirit extract from a show off (not ossified horns) of spotty (soiled) also noble (wapiti) of deer.

Transparent liquid of light yellow color; pH 5,4 — 5,8. Also the solution of Pantocrinum for injections representing colorless or yellowish liquid with a smell of the phenol which is preservative is produced (content of phenol in Item 0,25 — 0,3%); pH 3,5 — 5,0. Pantocrinum contains chemical elements, amino acids, phospholipids.

Assume that P. stimulates intellectual and physical activity, increases working capacity, has vegetotropny properties, normalizes the ABP at hypotension.

At the elderly persons having gastritis and a ventroptosis, Pantocrinum at appointment inside increases depth of peristaltic waves and strengthens a tone of a stomach. At patients with cholecystitis can normalize sokratitelny function of a gall bladder.

Item. apply as tonic at overfatigue, asthenic states after acute infectious diseases, hypotension, vegeto-vascular neurosises.

Item. appoint inside, under skin or intramusculary. Inside — on 25 — 40 drops or 1 — 2 tablet for half an hour to food 2 times a day. Subcutaneously and intramusculary enter 1 — 2 ml of solution P. a day. Treatment is carried out by courses on 2 — 3 weeks with 7 — 10-day breaks. Drug is a little toxic. However the possibility of development of an acute anaphylaxis at hypodermic administration of drug is noted.

Item. it is contraindicated at the expressed atherosclerosis, organic heart diseases, stenocardia, the increased coagulability of blood, diarrhea, severe forms of nephrite.

Forms of release: bottles on 50 ml; tablets on 0,075 and 0,15 g corresponding on the maintenance of 0,5 or 1 ml of spirit extract P.; ampoules on 1 and 2 ml. Keep in the cool, protected from light place.

V. P. Fisenko.